Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Motivation

This past week was not our run-of-the-mill busy we normally have around here...I'm talking something extra going on every day either with work or the kids.  I try so hard not to wear "busy" like a badge of honor but DAMN I'm happy we made it through last week!  As we were going through the week, I became increasingly aware of the feeling like there was a giant elephant sitting squarely on my chest/neck...worry/anxiety over how am I going to balance it the heck am I going to balance 3?  It bleed out into every interaction I had...I was short with people...I was cranky...I slacked where I should have put in more effort.  It made me realize that I need to make sure when I am feeling like that I need to let it go...there is nothing I can predict about 6 months from now and busy weeks come, but I am NOT alone and I need to just breathe!  This week if I feel my elephant friend trying to get cozy, I'm telling him to get lost!  There is no time to be anxious about anything!!!

How do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed?

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