Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Things that Just Get Me A Little UGH!

Today was a great run and I got over 50 points to end the HBBC! I did 11 miles and I think that it was equal to that in temperature! It was cold but I really layered up and was really not too bad...until I stopped and shivered all the way home! My only struggle that I have to master before the half in Hyannis is how to get my GU out with gloves on. Any suggestions? I don't want to stop during the race because I am shooting for time.

While I was running, I almost got run o
ff the road by at least 3 people who were...
none other than texting and driving! Now I know that I am a little out in the road but with about 2 feet of snow still hanging around I have no other choice. If they were paying attention, it wouldn't have been a friggin problem. This got me thinking about two other things that got me this week:

The other day while I was trying to sweat off that last half pound before weigh-in I was reading one of the gossip magazines. They had an article about how just the smallest change could help you lose tons of weight. They then had a bunch of women celebrities and their typical menu and calorie intake. Kelly Bensimon and many other equally rail thin women were saying how they just love food and eat over 2300 calories. They also said they do about 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week. I'm calling bull honkey on them...There is no way most of these celebrities eat even 1300 calories in a day! I mean really!!!!
The second thing I was reading...actually in that same magazine I think was about Playmate Kendra and her plan to get back in shape. There was a line that said that she was lucky because the doctor did not have to cut her stomach muscles during her C-section so she will be able to get her flat stomach back soon......Umm I would love to meet this magic doctor then because I had a C-section and sure as hell they cut my stomach muscles! I thought that from the outside in order to get to your uterus to take the baby out you would have to go through some muscle. Is anyone else confused by this? If this is in fact true then I'm moving to LA and having this doctor do my next C-section...maybe he could get rid of my saddlebags while he's at it!


  1. I hate it when celebrities say they eat whatever they want, I don't think so.

    Nice job on the 11 miles. Where do you keep your GU? I use hammer gels, and just rip the top off with my teeth, not the best method but it works.

  2. After 2 c-sections I feel the same way. She does not know what she is talking about. You have to cut through the stomach muscles.

  3. I read that magazine, too. Would be nice to eat that much and have 4% body fat! No way that those were typical menus.

  4. i totally didn't know that about C sections and it made me cringe!!!!!!!!!

    hmmm for Gu-- you could use your teeth (but i think that would slow you up too) or you could get gloves that have the fingers open option?