Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Yesterday I had to weigh in for a contest that I have been doing with my trainer. It began actually the same time the HBBC did about 8 weeks ago. The goal was to maintain your weight through the holiday. There were prizes for maintaining and prizes for whether or not you lost weight. I have to say that the HBBC helped my efforts A LOT! So yesterday morning I slunked into my trainers office and stepped lightly on the scale......VICTORY! I lost 5lbs!! I know that doesn't sound like a huge number to get in 8 weeks and Biggest Loser is not going to be breaking down my door but I am so excited with that...especially over the holidays!!! I have just 12lbs. to go for 2010!

I know a lot of you struggle with how many calories to seems sometimes like a mysterious equation depending on weight, height, activity level, color of hair....who knows! Last week I heard Dr. Oz say that you should eat your goal weight X 10. I began my week trying meant that I should eat around 1300 calories. Well Monday I was doing my 7 mile run which I did with lots of pick-ups on the treadmill and at times felt faint. I just chalked it up to a hard workout. Tuesday I started getting hungry and had not a ton of energy for my workout. Wednesday I was cranky and hungry! I thought it was just because diets are not always fun. My workout was stinky and didn't do as many miles as I wanted. Thursday I woke up and decided that Dr. Oz should shut his mouth! No it just wasn't working for me! I asked my trainer yesterday and she said no way! That it was probably for someone who is not doing anything. Well that still leaves me with the mystery of how many calories to eat.....UGH!

This morning is my 11 miler...watching the news it is going to be a whopping 15 degrees!!! Bring it! Cape Cod in February is not a warm place and I need to get used to it! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Holy cow, 1300 calories is not much, especially when you are running so much! Dr. Oz is crazy!

    Good luck on the 11 miler,stay warm!

  2. The whole how many calories to eat, boggles my mind. Everyone has an opinion on it. I am not a doctor, but I don't agree with Dr. Oz,e especially if you are active.

    Congrats on the 5lbs, I think that is wonderful!

  3. THat is like my baseline if I am not doing ANYTHING.. I Think my basal metabolic rate. I'd say 1500-1800.

  4. wohoooo for losing weight over the holidays, what a rockstar!! 1300 is wayyy low for that activity level and your body will adjust to it, but then when you want to eat more it will be too much.

    I have lost weight and maintained for 5 years on 2,000 cals with the workouts you are doing

  5. Way to go on the 5 pounds! I think that is wonderful! I would up my calories if I were you because you need the energy with that kind of schedule!

  6. 1300 doesn't sound that ridiculous to me... as a "net intake" anyway and of course depending on your heigh and current weight. you were eating "over" to make up for cals burnt right?

    i go by what "lose it" (iphone app) calculated as my calories (1576). it's about the same as some various calculators out there online recommend for me (usually 1300-1600). i add in what i eat and subtract out cals burned and aim for the 1500.

  7. I really struggle with this, too, since upping my mileage over the last few months. I was always worried I wasn't eating enough so I ate too much and gained 5 lbs in marathon training. Not good!

    I think 1300 calories sounds reasonable as long as you add back in the calories you burn. Congrats on the weight loss!