Friday, August 6, 2010

Strong Momma!

First let me say that I have been a bad blogger...looked today at my blog and realized it has been way too long! Life sometimes just gets away from me and I'm not sure how. This week I am teaching a course at a local college, actually where I got my undergrad, and time is flying! I have decided for the rest of August that I am going to make a conscience effort NOT to waste time and soak in each day of life! I don't want to wake up three years from now and say, "Where did the time go?"

Anyways aside from my rant on time ticking away, I realized yesterday something very interesting that was a shocker to me. When I w
as younger, I always thought I had to do everything I wanted to do before I settled down and started a family. I even went as far as to think that after I had a child, my racing days were over. I thought that before was the time to be fast and after children I could run races but would never be as fast. **I was never super fast mind you!** Well yesterday I ran a local 5K and again broke the 25 minute mark with 24:20. Slower than my PR but still a respectable showing. The impressive part was that for the first mile I must have had visions of winning because I stayed with the front 1/4 of the pack and ran it in 7:01!!! What? Needless to say, the heat, pea soup thick air, and just general lack of oxygen slowed me down after that but I was happy with myself. Today looking back over my race times I am kicking my pre-Momma's butt!!! And by about 3-5 minutes!!! All of my PRs have come after I had Emma. I'm not sure if it is because I have been kicking my own bum trying to get back into shape or because I am accustomed to running while pushing 28lbs but whatever it is I'll take it! Next 5K I am going to try to get under 24 minutes...I won't however attempt to hang with the elites!

Jill was my "pit crew" this race instead of my partner in crime so she snapped a pic of me before the race....not sure what I'm doing with my leg. Probably thought it would make my leg look thinner! Silly!!!


  1. Gasp! You thought your racing days were over!!! No dear, in my n eck of the woods the moms are the ones to beat. And remember, it's all about the age group... you don't have to beat the 17 year old track star @ a 5K to "win"! ...not that I've ever won my age group though I have placed as high as 4th.

  2. funny :) i know lots of mom-runners who got faster with kids. i don't get it - to me it seems like you'd have even less free time to train, but being a mom must have some sort of magical powers with it :)