Friday, July 30, 2010

Five Million Things Friday

Today I feel like I haven't posted in forever and therefore have a million things to talk about! So forgive me but the bullets will have to suffice!
  • I have been wicked (very New England term) sappy about time flying by. Could be because it is almost August and as a teacher that raises a feeling of panic that the summer is almost over. Could be that my little girl is getting so big these days. She's doing so much on her own which is a good thing but some days before I know it she'll be driving herself to college! Yesterday she went down the twisty slide all by Momma needed. tear...
  • Holy Moly it's the end of mentioned above I'm doing my best bratty kid dance. I love the summer. Lazy days with my girl, the beach, running, relaxation, time to breathe and stretch the day until the daylight fades.
  • I have been following this blog for a few months now but today's post just hit me. I have just been feeling a little off lately and wanting to soak in life. I don't know about your families but ours is so busy. Sometimes I just feel like putting on the brakes. Check out this blog HERE...not only are her words beautiful but she is an amazing photographer!
  • Running is going well...This is more of a down week which my body has totally been needing. So only 21 miles this week and then it ramps back up again. I have been feeling sluggish this week and taking a lot of rests. I guess I need to just listen to my body.
  • Two days left of flour and sugar because there is a new contest at my gym for August and this time there is prize money! It's crazy because I was going to ask my trainer if I could just weigh in with her weekly because I need someone to scare me...ugh I mean...keep me accountable. This should work perfect but I will need just one hot fudge sundae tomorrow!
  • Last two weeks I spent at my parents house relaxing and soaking in the love. This has come as a gift from God since my father is back into the hospital with his Chrone's Disease. He has been in horrible pain for about 2 months and the doctors have no idea what is causing it. They will be operating on Monday in order to open him up and hope to find the cause. I feel so blessed to have had this time with him since each surgery brings him just shy of death since he is so weak to begin with. I will continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors so that they may find the cause and be able to heal him.
Ok so maybe that wasn't five million things but close! TGIF!


  1. I hope everything goes okay with your Dad.....

  2. First off, I really hope that everything goes well with your father's surgery!

    Second, I swear I have considered going back for a Master's in Education almost SOLELY for the purpose of having summers off! About 10% of me wants to do it for the kids ;)