Friday, July 9, 2010

Five Goals Friday!

Ok so call me a dork but I am a list girl! I get a thrill from checking things off a nicely color-coded list! We have had some busy weekends around here so it leaves me with a lot to do to check off my summer to-do list. I decided to stop whining about summer always going by too fast and make a list for this weekend.

Here are my five goals for this weekend:

1. Long run-This will be easy to check off since I already have a date with Jill to do this. It makes it easier to go if you know someone is waiting for you!

2. Upload picture to Shutterfly-This is going to be a major project but my nightmare last night that our house burnt down and I lost all of Emma's first year pics because I hadn't uploaded them has sent me into motion! I am a it to death...but in that I am embarrassed to admit that I have yet to finish Em's 1st year I'm on the day she was born! This summer I WILL finish it and my first step is to get all the pics!

3. relax with my family-Em is getting to that age where she is a lot of fun to play with!

4. Go to church-something else that we have grown lax with a busy schedule

5. Clean out my closet-I should add "before it implodes!" I still have maternity clothes in there and they are eating up my regular clothes!

Sounds doable! Enjoy your Friday!!!


  1. I think I'm gonna borrow your list...all except the closet...I actually did that a few weeks ago. I'll just change it to "remove the bags of clothes for Goodwill from my room"!!!

  2. A few of those things are on my weekend list as well. I really need to reorganize some closets around my place. Today when I went to get the broom, a few things actually fell on me. That should knock some motivation into me, huh?

  3. hope you've had a successful weekend! :) i am a list-er too... except i don't always actually accomplish things. i just continually make lists.