Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning pictures!

Ok so I am totally copying Tall Mom and Racing with Babes with this idea. They took a picture before their run, each mile, and at the end. While I didn't have the longest run planned, 5 miles, but I wanted to brag...I mean capture the place I run. I tried to take a picture of the view and of course my trusty running companion!

Momma and Emma "Before"

Mile 1-view
Mile 1-Emma view

Mile 2-Emma view...reading Cookie Monster book(Can't find the view pic!)

Mile 3-view

After mile 4-Emma's thinking "Eeew're sweaty!"

I decided to stop after 4 miles because Emma was starting to fade and I know that if she falls asleep during a run that equals no nap...and no nap equals cranky baby and Momma! I finished up the last mile on the treadmill in the basement once Emma went to sleep. Monday's off to a great start! Happy Monday all!

I just had to put this one on too! So fun!


  1. you do run in a great place!!! Cute photos!

  2. Love these pictures! Can't wait to see you next week, miss ya!