Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Speed Work Confusion

Well the weekend checklist was just about checked off completely! I just have the rest of my closet to clean out. I started with the shoes which was a bad place to start...I LOVE SHOES!!! I mean like Carrie Bradshaw style minus the price tag! I also have a hard time parting with sneakers which is reflected in the 8 pairs that I have. Let me remind you also that they are all the SAME shoe...just each a newer version. So a pretty successful weekend and now we are ready to tackle the week!

When I trained for Boston I did speed work but a friend of mine figured it out for me and basically told me what to do. She was a trainer at my gym and I did it on the treadmill. Reflecting in my time I obviously didn't do it right so this training time I want to get it right. My plan that I am following alternates speed work and tempo runs. I have tempos runs down but this week I have speed work. Here is what is on tap:

warm-up; 2X1600 at 8:20 w/ 800 jogs; cool dist. 5 miles

Ok so I am fluent in Spanish...studied linguistics heavily during my undergrad and masters but Lordy I'm feeling I need to go back to school for this! Isn't 1600 the same as a mile?

Is there anyone out there that can translate my training plan for me???


  1. Hey, Fancy Nancy! You've won something on my blog -- please email me with your email and mailing address. I will get you hooked up with your gift card! Thanks for following my journey ... and congrats!

  2. Hey Nancy, I remember the trainer that you mention...didn't the you and your friends follow the "4 months to a 4 hour marathon" training book?? From what I remember this was your first attempt at a marathon with a goal to finish with great friends. Be proud of your accomplishment...positive thoughts. As far as the speed work goes, different programs work for different people...check out runners world on line. Happy running!!