Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Sucks...sorry Mom!

My Mom hates that word sucks but really short of obscenities it is the best word to describe what running in this heat is like! I am trying to keep my whining to a minimum but yesterday's tempo run left me feeling like a wet rag...literally! It is not just the heat that gets me it the basically 100% humidity! I manage to work up a full-on, dripping sweat just buckling Emma in the car seat. This leaves me with the question:

What do you do when you need to do speed work and it's 95 degrees?

An added bonus was that I had Emma to push as well! She was great as always and slept but it was an added challenge.
Mile 1: 10:10
Mile 2: 8:25
Mile 3: 9:24

Mile 4: 9:59
Mile 5: 10:55
The middle 3 miles were supposed to be faster but you can see the trend of slow down! I looked at it as at least I got in the run and the miles. The speed can come when this heatwave breaks!

I'm leaving you with a picture from yesterday's adventure to a park with my friend. It has a wading pool for the kids. Great idea but after a few hours I started getting a little weirded out by the germ factor! Emma loved it and fell asleep before we left the parking lot!


  1. Totally feel ya on the humidity! I don't even want to load my kiddo up to go to the grocery store let alone out for a run in this heat. We've been running super late.

  2. I agree- this has been awful! Emma looks adorable in the pool ! the pancake recipe is from