Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Appreciate WIAW

Ha!  I love how I can squeeze together two completely random topics in one title!!  Two things on the docket today...What I Ate Wednesday and Amanda's Appreciation Challenge day 1!  So let's get right into this!
As I've talked about, probably way too much, I started a new diet (diet in the most friendliest of terms meaning a way of eating not a way to only lose weight) on Monday courtesy of my hubby's "diet guy" for his body building show.  I gave him my goal weight (which I honestly haven't seen since college) and gave him my best stubborn runner "show me whatcha got" mindset!  Here is what the breakdown is:
Servings each day
Calories: 1525
Protein: 120
Carbs: 120-130
Fats: 52
Servings Each Meal:
Protein: 24
Carbs: 32-25 (no carbs with meal 5-dinner)
Fats: 13 (no post workout fats)
Since I am just trying to get my head around this all, I decided to basically follow what he gave me as a mock day.  I'll try to get more creative once I get used to it....or bored of eating the same things day in and day out!  So here is my day (sorry some of them aren't cooked or made....forgot to take pics yesterday! (Bad blogger!)

Oatmeal with protein powder and raisins
Protein shake with 9 almonds and raisins
grilled chicken, quinoa, steamed broccoli

protein shake

tuna, lettuce, poppy seed dressing (ran out of chicken...we need a farm!)
Seriously between my husband and I we should just own a chicken farm...egg whites and chicken galore!  Not the most exciting but like I said I will start to experiment once I get used to it and once I get a little more time on my hands....which brings me to my next topic du jour!
Amanda at Run to the Finish has her challenge for February and it could come at a better time!  It is to spend February showing those around you that you appreciate them!  My plan for this challenge is to have once person each day that I contact.  Well my person today to kick off my challenge is my sister. 
Things around Fancy Nancy land have been....well let's just say stressful.  I checked my voicemail yesterday and heard this from my sister, 
"I'm glad you didn't answer because I'm not letting you say no.  I'm coming over tomorrow and helping you clean your house so that you can come home and have fun with Em.  The only thing I want you to tell me is where is the key and what is left to do."
Of course my first reaction is to say...oh stop you have 2 kids and have not been feeling well but I am trying to learn to accept help so she is on her way.  I know I am blessed to have such a supportive family and was honestly brought to tears to hear that Amy wanted to help me!  She is my (older) sister who has constantly taught me how to bless others through service.  She is always willing to help out another person no matter what it is.  I appreciate you Amy and I thank God for you every day!! (Oh and I did clean up a little bit...hee hee!)


  1. What a sweet sister! I wish I lived closer to mine...hopefully someday. :) I'm impressed with your healthy eating. I've been eating way more than I need to these days, after doing some baking over the weekend!

  2. look at that healthy eating!!! Good luck with it and let me know how it goes...I know I need more protein in my diet, that's a daily struggle for me :(

  3. What a great sister.

    Good luck with the new eating plan, sounds very well thought out.

  4. i'm with you on needing that chicken farm! lol! i swear after this recovery week i'll be eating better. (i had two cookies after breakfast today. *hangs head in shame*)

    awesome sister! aren't sisters the best?

    1. At least you ate the cookies early in the day so you had all day to burn them off!!! :-)

  5. I love seeing what people eat! It all looks yummy & healthy! How nice of your sister and I'm glad she didn't let you say no. It's always good to let people LOVE on us!

  6. Wow good job on sticking to a plan I need to get on that!

  7. aww that is a sweet sister and even better when you are stressing out.

    cant wait to hear how your diet plan goes.

  8. What a wonderful sister!! So sweet. Makes me wish I lived closer to my family.
    Awesome job on the healthy eating! So inspiring.

  9. Your healthy eating is inspiring me, too. Can you tell me what kind of protein shakes you are drinking?

  10. Can I borrow your sister?? Good luck on your new "diet", I definitely have to clean min cup too!!!

  11. You have a fantastic sister! Seriously, amazing. So sweet! Nice job on the healthy eating. I too wonder what kind of protein shakes you're drinking.

  12. Awww what a sweet sis! All the best with the eating. I find the breakdown/caloric intake equation to be invaluable.

  13. omg! what a wonderful thing for your sister to do! i just love that!

    and i am obsessed with oatmeal. i MUST eat it every day! haha!

    1. I go through phases with oatmeal...sometimes the consistency gets me!

  14. I should own a chicken farm too :) I've been meaning to post WIAW and keep forgetting until I see your post. I just joined Amanda's Feb challenge too.

    Have a great day Nancy!

  15. Like the Appreciation Challenge. You are lucky to have such a wonderful sister!!