Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thoughts on Food Journalling

Amanda at Run to the Finish held a Food Journal Challenge for the month of January.  I took the challenge as a way for me to lose weight and be accountable.  Now while I lost my 3lbs last week...it was really not a weight loss success month.  I did, however, learn a few important things about me from this challenge.
  • First things first, I don't eat nearly enough protein.  I can see my hubby doing the "I told you so dance" as he reads this.  
  • Second, I tend to eat a whole lot more in the afternoon and evening instead of spacing it out throughout the day.
  • Third, I eat when I'm stressed.  I always thought I was not much of an emotional eater but this month has resulted in the stress factor being way high.  This resulted in me reaching for snacks way too much!  Since I can't reduce the stress right now, I know I need to focus on what I am eating and why.
Thank you so much Amanda for having this challenge.  I am going to continue my journal especially now that I am on a new "diet".  I started yesterday with the plan that my hubby's "diet guy" drafted for me to reach my goal weight.  It is a 1500 calorie diet that focuses on getting in lots of protein and diminishing carbs over the day.  Stay tuned for tomorrow for a peak at what I'm eating.  Also, check out Amanda's challenge for February.  I can't wait to start it tomorrow!!

I have to leave you with a story from yesterday.  Being the mom of the year that I am I did not react the proper way....assuming that a mix of tears and yelling isn't the proper way to react....but I think I can finally laugh at what happened.....maybe!  I took Em after I picked her up with me to the bank to open an IRA (nightmare and a half ....I hate finances!).  She has been doing a super job with the potty so I figured we'd be ok.  She had a snack and a book to read and was doing a great job (except for spending a good part of 10 minutes picking her nose).  I noticed a certain look on her face and quietly whispered to her (trying to avoid horrifying the nice young bank person) to ask if she needed to go use the potty.  In her biggest voice she replied, "No thank you Mommy.  I just went poop in my undies!"  Needless to say I made an appointment to come back sans toddler and high tailed it out of there with the small shred of dignity I had left!!  Oh boy! 

Oh and I can't forget to wish my best running buddy ever created a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  She is turning 50 and just rocked her 8th marathon in NYC this Fall!!!  Head on over to One Tough Cookie and a Beer and wish her a happy day!!!


  1. I'm with you on the eating more in the afternoon. Whether I'm under stress or not, there is a period from 2-4 where I just want to munch on stuff. And I don't even care if I spoil my dinner.

  2. Oh yeah, I definitely eat more in the later afternoon, evening hours. I have to make myself eat breakfast- but by the time 3 or 4pm come around, I feel like I could eat anything I see.
    Food journaling was always the BEST way for me to lose weight after having babies. Made me really look at what I was eating. I really should still be doing it.

  3. we are definitely similar in our eating...i always feel like i am "saving" calories for later in the day. i dont even know why...I just always feel hungrier at night and look forward to a big meal!

  4. I adore the picture of side planks! HA!

    I need to spread my calories out better too. I started with eating them mostly at night. So I tried to eat more in the morning and at lunch. Then it seemed I barely had enough for dinner. I'll get it sooner or later.

    Good luck!! You look great.

  5. I love those little gifts that mothering brings! That's so funny, but not in the moment...I know.

    Anxious to hear how the new diet! I totally struggle wit afternoon and night eating! Why is it so hard...I love/hate food!

  6. and I CAN CAN NOT NOT believe it is Feb!!

  7. I do all of the same that you do! I need to incorporate way more protein and also spread my food out.

  8. Definitely an emotional eater too!! Looking at the frequency of my eating has helped me keep it in check to ensure I'm getting something in me very few hours.

    Laying off the carbs in teh evening is also difficult!

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