Tuesday, January 24, 2012

11 Randoms

I was tagged by the lovely Lindsay from Chasing the Kenyans in the 11 Random Things Assignment.  I could try to trace it back to who started it but well....yeah I'm not going to!  The rules are as follows:
1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

Ok so 11 Random things about myself.....some may already know these things!
1.  I can wiggle my ears.  Yeah it's one of those things that may earn me a prize some day!!  Ummm probably not!

2.  I lived in Seville, Spain for a semester while I was in college.  I was a Spanish major (along with education) and spent the semester in a small school there.  It was an amazing experience, aside from the homesickness, and would LOVE to go back one day!  I still have dreams about being there and walking around!
3.  In the summer I live at the beach...not literally but pretty close.  I actually get anxiety when I don't get in my daily dose of the beach.  Good thing my Em loves it too!
4.  In high school I thought cross country was silly...like why would you run without a purpose.  I played soccer and three seasons of softball.  I ran to stay in shape for my sports.  Ha!  Now I wish I could be on the cross country team!  

5.  Some days I wish I was Michelle Pfeifer in Dangerous Minds....there I said it honey!  Seriously though my dream job would be in  the toughest areas with the toughest kids!  In my old job I was pretty close (trying to inspire kids to stay out of gangs and to believe in themselves when the cards were stacked against them) and I LOVED it!  There is something that draws me to tough kids.  Not sure what it is....now my students look like angels in comparison to what I had!
6.  My number one bucket list item is to go to Africa.  This has been on my heart for most of my life.  For about 6 years I was able to work with African refugees and I loved it!  
7.  Sometimes I eat guacamole until my stomach hurts....I haven't done it in a while but I can't control myself!  It is just so yummy!!!  While on our honeymoon they had self serve guacamole and I attacked it almost every day.  Very sexy scene...on the beach in a bikini stuffing my face with guac!
8.  I cry every time I watch a marathon!  It is just something about people seeing their dreams come true that makes me so happy for them!
9.  One of my greatest challenges as a Mom has been walking away from opportunities that would take me away from being with her....vice principal, program director, doctoral canidate....Since I have to work a teacher's schedule is ideal....not ready to give up my summers with her.  I know that if God wants me to be any of those things He will make it happen down the line.  Right now my family needs me more.
10.  I have perfected the hairy eyeball look as a teacher!  Seriously once I was at a play with my Mom and sister and a boy behind was kicking my seat.  I didn't need to say a word...just turned around and gave him the hairy eyeball.  Done!
11.  When I was younger I sang with Kenny Rogers in concert...that was well before he got tons of plastic surgery and looked scary!
11 Randoms....as asked by Lindsay
1. you have the skills to go pro in any sport (except running/triathlons). what sport would you choose?
I would say I would love to be a professional softball player.  I played for 15 years through college.  It was even on our class will that I would be on the Olympic Softball team.
2. what is your favorite vegetable?
I really love veggies straight from the garden all warm and yummy like tomatoes and cucumbers.
3. they're making a movie about your life. what actor/actress would play you?
My hubby would love Kate Becknsale to play me 

but through my life I have been told I look like Elizabeth Shue

4. last book you read? 
Sing you Home by Jodi Picoult....but I have 3 running books on the nightstand that I am in the middle of.
5. last text message you sent?
Ha!  To my brf Jill "I did a speed workout last night and I feel like my legs are going to fall off!"
6. what is your favorite meal/recipe to cook?
I love to bake!  I would say it is a cross between my killer brownies (they have a chocolate bar in the middle) or my giant chocolate chip cookies.
7. do you prefer dusting or vacuuming? (and when are you coming to do my house?)
I prefer vacuuming and sometimes I use my vacuum to dust! 
8. if you could go on vacation to anywhere in the us or canada, where would you go?
I'm not picky as long as it has a beach and is warm!  However I did love Alaska and that didn't meet the criteria.
9. what something you love about where you live?
The beach....We have three beaches within 3 miles of our house and it rocks! 
10. something you don't love about where you live?
I know many people live far away from things but I don't love that I have to drive 1/2 hour to the closest Target or Walmart.  It just is annoying!
11. what do you do when you have trouble falling asleep?
I make lists.  Usually when I can't sleep it is because I have too much on my mind and making a list helps to get it out of my head.

Tag!  You're it!!
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Questions for you:
1.  What is your favorite nickname and how did you get it?
2.  If you could do a long run with anyone, who would it be and why?
3.  What is the one food you couldn't live without?
4.  What does fit mean to you?
5.  What is your #1 bucket list item?
6.  Do you consider yourself stubborn?  (actually collecting research for an upcoming post so anyone can answer this)
7.  If you had to name a hero who would it be and why?
8.  What is your #1 time suck lately?
9.  What is your greatest vice?
10.  Since my blog is Living the Dream I have to ask...what would living your dream look like?
11.  What superpower would you love to have?


  1. LOL. XC-a sport with no purpose. Ha. Now look at us, running addicts! I have faith that your job opportunities will thrive once Em is a little older and you can take on new responsibilities/hours!

    Vacuum to dust! Excellent idea. Why haven't I thought of this? Jealous of your 3-beach proximity, and loved all your random facts in general

    Oh and I am definitely stubborn!!

  2. Elizabeth Shue...I can totally see it! She's gorgeous. and p.s I tagged you for the same thing so disregard :)

  3. I totally see the Elizabeth Shue--- Adventures in Babysitting was one of my faves growing up!

  4. omg I love Sevilla!! I visited only for a day or two in high school and then when lived in Barcelona for 6 months studying abroad, I made sure that I traveled to Sevilla on my birthday!

  5. Loved reading this! So fun.
    This is going to be hard! I'm going to have to get thinking...

  6. fun list! very envious of the three beaches nearby. i grew up a mile from several beaches as well. now we have to drive 3-4 hours once every other month or montly to get our fix!

    teachers are the best peeps!! :)

  7. ahhhh! i played softball as well and always said I would be in the Olympics too :) haha! i miss softball so much! so fun getting to know more about you :)

  8. love this, lots of fun! I'm looking forward to doing it! :)

  9. Love your #7! I seriously ate guac everyday in massive amounts when I was pregnant with my daughter. She now eats it by the spoonful as it's own dish! We love our guac!!

  10. You DO look like Elizabeth Shue!!! : ) I was an exchange student in High School, in England, I dream about going back too.....

  11. My mom had the worse/bad hairy eyeball EVER. I learned it the hard way :)

  12. I like the "hairy eyeball"! I usually call it the "stink eye" but I haven't perfected it yet!

    Also I am totally a list maker! DO you actually use your list to get things done or is it just good to get it out of your head?

  13. Are you kidding? I have to answer all of those questions and tag people and link up and make up my own questions and post again??? LOL....I'm laughing very heartily right now.