Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost Wordless WIAW!!!

So totally couldn't decide which to do today so here you are...BOTH!  How lucky are you?!  Yesterday as we were driving home Em suggested that we go to the beach and dig for treasure.....ummmm in January? Sure!  It ended up being just what we both needed to feed our soul while we wait on our carefree summer days to come back to us!  Here are just a few pics from our time!

Ok so now the WIAW portion of our day!  Here has been my eats the past few days...yes that's right I eat the same darn thing every day!...makes food journaling pretty easy!  Breakfast is a green monster smoothie which I took a pic of the ingredients: Whey Protein, Red Mill Flax Meal, banana, spinach, almond milk, and blueberries. Snack is almonds and an apple, lunch is chicken with veggies, snack is Chobani with Go Lean Crisp, and dinner is a salad with chicken and Newman's Own Lite Balsamic.  Yummy! 
Can you find the funny local restaurant sticker on my fridge??
Someone couldn't wait to take the picture!!
Ummm Yeah that would be homemade pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes the princess is eating across from me!
What was on your menu today??


  1. yesterday was a blur--but kinda as great a blur as yours :)
    good food
    time with child
    lottsa outside play.


  2. Even though it is cold, your beach pictures look so inviting!

    Yesterday's menu:
    Breakfast - cereal
    Post run snack - chobani w/ granola
    Lunch - soup & salad
    Dinner - Sweet Italian sausage pasta bake w/ green beans

  3. I dont think I ate yesterday
    had major issues w/daughters oral surgery and that consumed my day

  4. Happy WIAW! Hooray for your day of colorful eats! <3

    ooh! and did you need help with the party button code/link at all? let me know chica!

    Jenn L

  5. So fun to be able to go to the beach! Wow, you are a healthy eater. Nice job:)

  6. Love the beach pictures! I still don't know how you get that green drink down!?!

  7. Love your eats! :) That Kashi cereal is awesome..I really wish it was sold here in Germany! Wait..maybe that wouldnt be the best idea because then I'd eat it alll day long! :P

  8. You have such healthy eats! My fave meal yesterday was tomato soup & grilled cheese - I've been fighting off a stubborn cold and comfort food was on the menu.

  9. The beach looks beautiful! I need to make the green monster smoothie. All your food looks great and HEALTHY! Win-Win

  10. Beautiful pics!! Mmmmm, Chobani!

  11. What a beautiful way to spend the day--love your area of the country!

    Good eats!

  12. My agenda for today is to simply tackle my unending todo list... Mt. Laundry to be exact. Love your photos :)

  13. You and your daughter are too sweet! Wish it weren't so darn frigid in MA, or I'd take your idea and head to the beach!

  14. Love, love, love the pictures. I ate Chipotle yesterday! A burrito bowl with brown rice, steak, salsa and guacamole! Oh I also had eggs and ham for lunch and a protein shake for breakfast! Hummus and veggies for a snack. ;)

  15. I am a huge fan of the berry flavored Kashi cereal, but I didn't know they came out with a cinnamon one! I will have to look for it next time I'm at the grocery store!

  16. Fun day at the beach :)

    Love Kashi cereals. My menu? Shakeology smoothie, italian turkey burger no bun and broccoli slaw with grilled chicken and 2 snacks, protein bar and undecided.

    Have a great day Nancy!

  17. Looks like a great day and nice weather!

    My menu today is still un-determined...but this morning I had an avocado and banana smoothie...soooo good...

  18. Love the pictures! Why not going to the beach in January!? Love how spontaneous kids are, something adults should do more often!