Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Today's dose of randomness is brought to you by the US Postal Service, Food Journals, and a Good Sweat!
Good day for mail!  Usually Thursday means the weekly flyers when I plan my grocery shopping for the week but you can imagine my surprise when I found two goodies staring back at me today!  Up first:
The Active Bands I ordered a few weeks ago when they were 50% off...there's nothing I like more that a cute band that doesn't slip than one that is 50% off!  I got this black sparkler and a pink and brown zebra print!
Up next:
The medal from the virtual TNT Lousy Medal 5k with Run Faster Mommy!  Pardon the crazy eyes in the picture!!
I have been keeping my food journal as a part of the January challenge with Amanda at Run to the Finish.  Well it is interesting the things I have found out about myself in just 2 weeks!  Like I never thought I was an emotional eater but the words don't lie!  I also have proof that I am a MUCH better eater during the week than on the weekend!  I guess only having the option to eat what I bring keeps me in check.  Now if I could just figure out how to recreate that during the weekend!  
The past two days have reminded me of the power of a good sweat!  Workout Mommy always closes her posts with "Never underestimate the power of a workout" and boy she is so right!  Last night it was our group run and today it was the treadmill!  Each time I could feel the endorphins squeezing out the stress!


  1. Your headband is so cute. I need to get a sparely one. I like Sweaty Bands and am expecting USPS to bring one any day!

  2. I love getting stuff in the mail! I think I need to order something soon...

  3. That is a super cute headband! I need to get some new ones...might be time for some sparkle :)

  4. Mama definitely needs her workout! That medal is cool. I need to make one for my virtual races coming up.

  5. Gotta love the postal man bring parcels, it's great :-)

  6. Great idea to look at those flyers and plan your shopping. I gotta do that!

    Good job keeping up with the journaling. I flopped on that one but have a good weekend and I know you will eat beautifully with your new insights!

  7. I love active bands and I used to keep a journal but now I don't ...don't track my eats either, maybe I should start!

  8. Way to go on the food journal! I've done it off and on, but it doesn't seem to prevent me from grabbing the extra snacks. :) Love when workouts make everything better!

  9. I got some Active Bands on sale too! It was a killer sale I just couldn't resist! I got black sparkly too! Great minds think alike!