Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work It Out Wednesday

I've started focusing this week on fitting in more weights into my week.  If you don't remember this post, I've decided that I need to get back to the days of lifting more regularly...and maybe one day I can have Sarah Jessica Parker arms...and perhaps this girl's abs!  Either way I wanted to share with you my workout routine this morning.  I adapted it from a workout I used to do with my trainer (who left me always with that great rubbery feeling after).  It is my way of satisfying the cardio bug I have while also getting in weights.  After the three sets I'm feeling it and have burned loads of calories!  I'm pretty sure I've shared this before but there are many newbies around these parts and it never hurts to have a reminder!

10 minute warm-up (ran 1.2 miles)

Set 1:  Each group of three is done as a superset where one exercise is done right after the other for 3 sets
Lateral raises
Walking lunges with weight
Bicep Curls

Hanging Knee raises (30)

Reverse fly
Tricep Kickbacks

10 minutes of cardio (running again)

Set 2:  Again each group of three is done as a superset where one exercise is done right after the other for 3 sets
Overhead press
One-legged Squats 
Hammer curls

Bicycles (set of 30)

Lat pull-down
Chest press
Tricep pull-down

10 minutes cardio (Yeah back to running)

This morning I only did 2 sets due to time restraints but I would normally do another set that followed the same routine of shoulders, legs, biceps...abs...back, chest, tris.
How do you feed your cardio bug but still get in a great weight workout??

Leaving you with one last picture that cracked me up!!


  1. That's an intense workout!

    I found that alternating certain movements (squat cleans or thrusters) at a moderate weight with bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups) will get me gasping for air in no time but hit a lot of muscle groups at the same time. Efficiently brutal :)

  2. Wow, what a great workout! Love that picture!

  3. Great workout! Love the last picture and quote. I agree:)

  4. I love hanging knee raises, so great for the abs. Looks like a great routine. That last picture is so true, now if I only looked so sexy while lifting, or maybe it is a good thing I don't, my husband might not leave me along ;)

  5. wow! love this! i may have to give it a try! also...i want abs like the girl in that pic!

  6. I had to google hanging knee raises. Wow!

    Nice workout.

  7. Thats a great workout. Sadly I have totally neglected weights for the past few months and I feel all flabby and soft and weak because of it. Tonight I swing an 8kg kettlebell for a few minutes and it nearly killed my hammies & inner thighs :-)

  8. That looks like a great workout. I have not done weights in a long time! I used to do them a lot but now that I have been more into running, strength training has gone by the wayside. I need to get back into it!

  9. Today was my day to do planks, weights etc. I'm so bad about it, I'd rather just run!! : )

  10. Hmm I try not to do cardio when I am trying to lift weights but I just make my runs that are not on weights day my all so I can still enjoy running.