Friday, July 19, 2013

Five for Friday

So I missed Thursday's does of randomness so luck you I waited a day and now you get five!!!  Woohoo!

Beach Carts...In order for us to go to the beach, have something to sit on, a way to keep Aubs cool, and have anything to eat I have to pull this down the beach...
Sorry just turn your head to the side to realize that this is a lot of crap!!!  Add that to the fact that I have to put Aubs on the front of me in the Bjorn and it is a quick recipe for heat "Kids just give Mommy a moment while she tries to keep herself from passing out!"  All that Em is responsible for is dragging her boogie board behind her...but you can imagine that is a hard task after floating in the water for 3 hours!  Thankfully someone has taken pity on me the last two times and at least helped us to our chair!

Running in the heat...Ok so I realize that it is hot just about everywhere so I am only going to talk about his once since in just a few months I'll be faced with not having enough layers to keep warm!  I waited to do my 6 miler until 7:30pm...just before the sun went down I was coming up my driveway...and my face was melting.  Mind you I am very thankful we live where we do...being surrounded by water gives us the advantage of only dealing with 90 degree instead of 100.  I'm just trying to do the best I can with paces and distance...I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me that I wasn't running more but pushing 70+lbs in 90+ degrees sounds about as fun as pulling my full beach cart up the beach!

Rolling Stones...I'm sure by now you've seen the BAD choice Rolling Stones made for their magazine cover.  At first I wondered if I didn't have such close ties to Boston and the marathon and that day if I wouldn't have been as repulsed by their decision but I don't think it would change.  I understand freedom of press but morally I would have thought they could have picked hundreds of others to portray as rock stars from that day.

1:49....That is my goal for a half marathon time.  The closest I have come is 1:52 but I know I could have gotten it if there wasn't a mountain to climb at mile 12!  On my run today I was trying to think of all the pieces that need to come together to see that time or less at the finish line...less weight to drag around, get with a group to push my pace, get those long runs in!  Once the hubs can walk again...which is soon since he is doing great...I can really buckle down.

Joys of Motherhood....I'm going to be very honest here...there are days (ok maybe just hour stretches) where the joys of motherhood are nowhere to be found!  Am I alone in feeling this?  This week has been hard between the heat, just returning from vacation, and Aubs being sick all week but there are times when I think...."Ugh this kind of sucks"...and times when I think..."Please don't end.  Please stop time!"  I guess the trick is to hold on to those "please don't end" moments to get you through the sucky parts....hold on to the times when Aubs falls asleep on my chest when she is screaming in my face.  I love my girls...I love being their mom...and there are days when I REALLY love bedtime!

What's on tap for the weekend?  Go ahead and weigh in on some of my randomness!!! 


  1. I hear you on the days of motherhood that suck. When my daughter was a baby and my son 16 months old, there were days I just wanted to cry or just sleep all day. It can be so hard!
    Running in the heat does suck too, I have been doing all my running first thing in the morning this summer and I am loving it.

  2. That is a lot of stuff LOL Happy to hear mommy didn't pass out.

    Motherhood? We love it and wouldn't change it for the world but it's not all JOY!

    The heat and humidity sucks! 6:00 a.m. or 9 p.m. it doesn't make a difference. Ugh! I'm trying to figure out how I can run 20 tomorrow without passing out from the heat or drowning in sweat. Eww. Too much?

    Have a great weekend Nancy!

  3. Ugh this heat is ridiculous!! I have learned that pace doesn't matter when it comes to running in really hot weather... it's just about getting the miles in! :) I hope it cools down by you soon!

  4. I have absolute respect for all moms, it seems beyond hard!! It's always the humidity that gets's rough!

  5. Oh, you're not alone! You are at an especially hard time with the ages of your girls--it requires all of your energy! It will get easier and then you'll have several years of that sweet spot before they become teens and the bigger issues kick in. Hang in there.

    I have to say, I want to read the RS article. I think we can hopefully find some value in learning what went wrong with this boy and maybe it will help prevent future atrocities. Did he need to be on the cover? Probably not, but a good thorough investigation into it is worthwhile, imho.

  6. I can't imagine putting a Bjorn on (with a child in it) in this heat!!
    Trust me, it is going to get easier (and harder) as your kids get older!!! I went to bed crying so many days when my boys were little (especially when my husband was deployed!). These days are so much more fun for me (they are 12 & 14). Now, when I look back on those early days, I mostly just remember the good stuff!

  7. ...and then they turn 16 and drive away and come back and need you in different ways. Hang in there, little ones are tough.

    And, a 1:49!!! Holy moly, that is so fast. Can't wait to see you do it (when the temps cool down!)

  8. We used to have one of those beach carts too - best invention ever.

  9. We are in the midst of multiple stretches of lacking joy in motherhood :(

    Good luck with the half goal :)

  10. You are definitely not alone with the parenting thing. For example, my children are sitting next to me screaming and whining because they can't decide on what TV show they want to watch together. I think that the heat is getting to all of us and we're all cranky and tired. I too cannot imagine putting on a Bjorn in this heat. I'm really disappointed by Rolling Stones too. It's really a shame.

  11. We were at Salisbury Beach last weekend and noticed just how many families hauled all their crap via wagon. Of course, not having children, it's hard to imagine what goes into a trip to the beach with little ones, so I applaud you!

    My thought on Rolling Stone bad decision? Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

    And yeah, this heat is truly sucking the life out of me. Doesn't seem to matter how early or late we go. Like you, I'm trying to remember that February isn't that far away...brrr!

  12. Girl you are definitely NOT alone! We all have those moments and then they do something cute and lovey and forget about it. That's mama life!

  13. Oh the heat! Definitely loving the water on these days! Glad I'm not the only one having "moments" ;)

  14. the heat is killin' me right now! Can't get enough water!

    Ha, we all have those mommy moments :) No worries!

    LOVE your half time goal, geez...that's speedy! My first half was turtle speed so I'm setting a goal to beat my time by 20 minutes at least! My hubby finished in 1:47 so his goal is to be 1:30...ya'll are both super fast!!

  15. I can relate to the tough motherhood was a rough day for me! I took a little break to have coffee with my sis and things felt better after that :)

  16. Your beach cart cracks me up. I always see "those ladies" at the beach with all of their crap and I kind of have to giggle sometimes. I guess you have to be prepared for everything! I give you major kudos for going out and doing stuff when it takes so much more effort to do it!