Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Motivation

Sorry for the delay in today's dose of motivation...what can I say...I spent the weekend soaking in my family in preparing for being away from them this week!  So here without further delay...
I literally woke up this morning ready to punch something...I turned my alarm off leaving me heading out the door 30 min later than I needed to...leaving me smack in the middle of Boston traffic....YUCK!  Either way I am ready to punch this week in the face.  I'm away from the fam teaching for the week(UGH) but I am making the most of it and getting in oodles of miles with my BRF Jill!  What better to distract me from missing my fam than by running until my legs fall off!!!  Good plan right?  Kicking off our running week, Jill and I are heading into the city for a ZOOMA run with Social Boston Sports tonight!!!  Can't wait!!
Are you ready to punch this week in the face?


  1. Have fun tonight! I am going to leave this week with 2 black eyes and a broken nose! Ready to kick butt;)

  2. After a bad 5k on Saturday, I am ready to punch this week dead in the face :)!!

  3. Love the "punch this week in the face" motto!! sounds good to me :)

    enjoy your running this week!!!!

  4. I am trying to punch it in the face. It's hard when Monday's kick off with speed work. ha!