Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Old School Blogging...List of Fives

For a while now Christine has been rocking the Old School Blogging.  Then last week Angela posted her list of fives.  Well in true form about a week late here are my list of fives!!  It looked so fun and a great summer post!  Enjoy!

5 Things I have a passion for
1. my family
2. teaching
3. running
4. the beach
5. fitness
Right where these tootsies belong!

5 Things I would like to do before I die
1. Totally stealing on this one...I would like to see my girls grow up happy and become who God intends them to be
2. go on a safari
3. run another marathon
4. live in a house...by the ocean...with a pink door...think Miss. Rumphius! (I already have one picked out!)
One of my all time favorite kid's book!

5. drive across the country...When I lived in Spain we went to lots of small towns and I realized that there was so much of the U.S. that I haven't seen!

5 Things I say a lot
1. Do you mind if I go for a run?
2. Em where's your sister?
3. Good gravy
4. Let's use our kind words.
5. Vamanos....I figure at least if I'm saying it in Spanish then it sounds a little better than "Hey LET'S GO!"

5 books or magazines I’ve read recently
1. Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult...just finished!
2. Runner's World
3. Real Simple
4. Do Life by Ben Davis...haven't finished this yet
5. Parent's Magazine
5 Favorite movies
1. Sound of Music...I know ever single song!
2. League of Their Own
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Can't Buy Me Love
5. Anything sappy and lovey....seriously if Nicholas Sparks wrote it I'll watch it!

5 Places I would love to travel to
1. Africa...thus the safari
2. Greece
3. back to Spain and revisit where I lived
4. Prince Edward Island...I read all the Anne of Green Gables books!
5. Bali...with a hut on the ocean

5 people I invite to do this meme
If your reading this consider yourself invited!!!

Your turn! Pick a question and answer it below.  


  1. I LOVE your favorite movies list!!! Sound of Music is definitely one of my favorite things (ya see what I did there? haha)

    Awesome retro post idea. ;)

  2. Can't Buy Me Love - YES! Love that movie!

    And I'm with you on Bali and the hut - only way to do it!

  3. Love all of your book and movie choices!!
    And the beach makes me the happiest of all things!

  4. Love it! Em where's your sister is my fav. :o)

  5. We love Miss Rumphius! I laughed at "vaminos!" beacuse I work with a lot of Spanish-speaking individuals and am in the habit of yelling some of the same phrases they do... but not all of them ;)

  6. I like this post! Great pictures! Australia would be on the top of my travel list, after I get to 27 more states.

  7. Oh my goodness I love "Can't Buy Me Love"!! I saw it in the theater when it first came out and have seen it so many times since then. Although it's been years now;)

  8. FUN! I will have to do this tomorrow.
    Do you mind if I go or a run
    that is something I say a lot too ;)

  9. I also want to go to Bali! So gorgeous.

  10. You have great taste in movies! I grew up watching The Sound of Music every single day during nap time. My mom LOVES that movie. What part of Spain did you live in?

    1. Great idea!! I lived in Seville...beautiful place!

  11. SAFARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a MUST MUST MUST! I am obsessed with this idea and have ALWAYS been obsessed with this idea!!! :D WHen you go, take LOADS AND LOADS of pictures, just in case I have to live vicariously through your photos!!!

  12. Went to Kenya last year to vidit my best friend who moved there for 3 years. We did a safari and LOVED it!!

  13. Love this!!
    Ok so Can't Buy Me Love is STILL the best movie ever!!! I still dream of the day my hubby picks me up on a mower with a cowboy hat :-)

  14. Oh I so want to go to Bali too! Fun post - I'll play :)

  15. You will love Africa and the safaris are so much fun! Did you know you can drive yourself around? It's so fun! I went a couple of years ago to both Namibia and South African game parks and it was definitely something I would do again!