Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Training Talk

What a week this has been!!!  I tried to keep it pretty light during the week wanting to save my legs for Ragnar this past weekend. I modified a few runs because of this but overall was happy with how they felt come Friday!  I will post a full Ragnar recap but wanted to touch base about my training this past week!  I'm really LOVING the Own It plan from Train Like a Runner.  It has just the right challenge that I needed!

Monday: 3-5 miles + 3min of 15 on and 15 off- I did 4 miles on the mill with a 30-60-90 pick-ups.  Felt sufficiently toasted at the end!  Swung the bells to finish off the morning!
Tuesday: 1mile WU-Tempo 2X2 miles with .25 recovery-1 mile CD-Off to the gym again for this one (I noticed today that the sun is out around 5am which means a lot less mill runs!!).  Yes it was a toughie but oh so good!!
Wednesday: Rest-I decided to do legs today.  I wanted to get a day of legs in and I knew I needed to have a few days to have them recover.  20 min on the bike and a leg punishment!
Thursday: Ladder intervals-I will admit that I chose sleep over doing this workout!  My legs were wicked tired from the day before and I didn't want to push too much and then not have it in me for the next day!  I did Pilates for a half hour and called it a day!
Friday: 3 miles-This was my first leg of Ragnar.  I did 9.8 (but really it ended up being 10) miles and even though I felt like I may die if I had to climb another hill, I was very happy with how I ran!  There are certainly some things I need to focus on in the next few week to be ready for Newport (like stay away from RedBull...once my friend but now my foe!) but overall I was happy.  More on that in my recap!

Saturday: 13 miles-My first leg on Saturday was at 2am and was 5.4 miles.  My second was around 11 for 6.3 miles.  Again I'll recap soon!

Sunday: REST!!! I don't think my children got the memo on this one since the mini chickie was up at 12am vomiting and the big chickie was wishing me a happy Mother's Day at 5:30am....I thought Ragnar sleep deprivation was over?!  

I'm choosing to redo this week of training since I have time before I need to be getting in serious long runs for ZOOMA Cape Cod (don't forget to use the code NANCY15 for 10% off!).  Keep pushing forward!!  How did your week go?


  1. Can't wait to hear all about your Ragnar, those are so fun!!

  2. man I HAVE NO IDEA how you did the 2a leg!!!

  3. nice, girl!! i've walked every day after work since our weather has been so nice!