Friday, November 6, 2015

Love Where You Runch

Last year during our horrific winter (Let's go ahead and NOT have a repeat of that OK Mother Nature?!), I did a challenge with a local running store that had you run outside every day for the month of January.  Well our January not only was snow-filled but we also saw temps below in the middle of the day!  Considering that the middle of the day I thought was the warmest part of the day to be outside, I started running during my lunch...Runch if you will!  Yes a teacher's lunch is only 25 minutes long...yes I have to return and continue teaching for the rest of the I don't have access to a shower (Just ShowerPill!)...yes all my coworkers thought I was nuts (they already did but this really solidified it) that I was headed out during below zero temps.  I noticed something though...I would return (ever so frozen) and have TONS of energy for the rest of the day!!  Thus began the RUNCH!  
Fast-forward to this time of year.  School has started back up and so has runch.  My coworker/friend joins me most times but others I go it alone.  The Fall always seems to just fly by for our family since we are super busy all of a sudden.  I LOVE running in the Fall so having it fly by is always a sad thing.  However this year I have noticed that my runch helps me to take it all in.  A short 25 minute run is all I need a few days a week to love the leaves and beautifulness around me!  We have been hitting the rail trail lately and I have to say I am loving it! 
Runch has been an awesome addition to my work week but it helps that I am loving where I runch! Wouldn't you?

Where do you run?  I always love to see the different scenes that people run in!!!


  1. It's great that you get out there at lunch! The rail trail looks beautiful in the Fall. I used to run on the Fairhaven trail a lot and it was really nice as well. I used to run at lunch, but these days I rarely take much of a lunch break so it's just not possible. My substitute for that is that I have been bike commuting 2 miles each way every day. That way I get something in each day!

  2. I would love to runch with you <3