Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Motivation

Sorry for the delay....seriously some Mondays it's like being shot out of a cannon!  Add to that a change in my work schedule and YIKES!!!  Either way onward and upward!  During our lunch with Deena Kastor at the Runner's World weekend (yes I'm still talking about that weekend), she talked about positive thinking during runs.  Even saying "Don't quit" when the pressure is on can sometimes be boiled down to simply "Quit".  She spoke about going into a race and deciding on three positive things you are going to focus on throughout.  Training our mind that even when the hurt comes or our breathing is laboring, we have good to focus on.  Our mind controls so much of what we are doing and how we are living.  I remember a quote that I actually quoted last year by Linda Dillow.  "Two women looked through prison bars.  One saw stars, the other saw mud".  The trick is to focus on the stars in all or whatever we are in!

Are you seeing mud or stars?


  1. Trying to see stars. It can be hard sometimes but I know they are hiding there under the clouds!

  2. It's true! Mental strength can be lost in a word or two. I would have liked to listen to Deena!

  3. "one saw starts the other saw mud"
    I NEED TO TELL THE CHILD THAT STORY---I dont think I ever have...