Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favs

I haven't done one of these posts in a WAY long time so I figured I was due!!!  I love finding fun/awesome things out there and then bringing them to you!!  

Fall...Ok so unless you are in an area that sees Fall in it's glory, then I can only bring this to you in the form of pictures but Fall is here and it's beautiful!  I love being able to scoot out for a quick run during lunch from time to time to that I can really take it all in!
Our Fall...heck who am I kidding...our lives are so busy that I feel like the time passes and we haven't gotten to really take it all in!  I've been trying to get the girls outside for walks and really taking in the beautiful colors!

Wellcoin...My RW roomie Allie introduced me to the app Wellcoin and I have to say I love it just as much as this water bottle she gave me!!!  The app is super easy to use and can be used for so much.
How does it work?  You simply put in any activities/healthy habits (seriously there is tons of stuff that counts) and you get coins.  Each activity is a different value.  Over time you accumulate coins that can then be traded in for various gift cards or products from local vendors.  I have my eye on the Whole Foods gift card but there are other options depending on where you live.

Gone for a Run...When I was contacted by the folks from Gone for a Run to review one of their new Runner Girl Kali Tote, I jumped at the chance!  I love the products that Gone for a Run carry and honestly have been in the market for a new bag for work.  I need to carry notebooks, water bottles, various papers, and from time to time my laptop.
I have to say that not only is this bag super cute, but it also carries everything that I need it to!!  It has a small zip pocket inside for any pens or smaller things I need to bring and sturdy straps.  I love it!! This would make a great gift for the runner in your life!!

Block Island Organics...My face is a very fickle friend...I have stuck with the same products for many many years because of that.  That being said, I was knew about Block Island Organics before and had actually reviewed their sunscreen so I knew that my skin liked what they were including in their sunscreen.  They use all organic ingredients including avocado, olive oil, and chamomile.
I have been using this both in the morning and at night and I have to say that I really love the way that my skin has been soft!  Now that we are going into a time of year when it is so dry and the heat is blasting, I'm psyched to have this in my defensive!  A bottle retails for $29.99 for a bottle but you really only need a small amount.  From now until Nov. 5th you can use the code nancyc for 20% off at checkout!  Seriously try this stuff out!!

Name bibs...With a week of talking all things Runner's World, I of course had to include it in my favorites!  One thing that I have always joked about with my running friends is that I had a secret mission to run a race where my name was on the bib!  Well Runner's World pulled through!!!
I have to say they look very nice on the board in my classroom!!!  It's the little things really!!

ShowerPill...If you've ever worked out in the middle of your day or say ran a relay race you know how good it feels to have something to wipe the funk off so you can finish your day!  Lately I have been going on a RUNCH (Lunch run) a few times a week with a coworker and these ShowerPill wipes are a godsend!!
I can head out for a run and not feel super gross when I have to get back to the classroom to work with my students!!  You can score yourself 15% off by using the code WIPEDOWN at checkout!!  Do yourself...and your coworkers a favor and grab yourself a box!!

What are you loving this Friday???

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