Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In This Together

I'm sure it's a debate that goes back in time for many many years since people have been exercising...what is more important weights or cardio.  I have seen the post and heard the good natured comments poking fun at either side, but lately things have gotten disturbing to me and I find myself wondering what others motivations are.

Now let me back it up a bit.  I love to run.  Spend any time on this blog and you'll see that I am a fan of running, however I do lift weights.  I know that for my body to remain injury free and to be able to not have chicken wings I need to lift weights.  I always have paid attention to weight training even as far back as high school.  I like both...but let's be honest if given a half hour free, I'd probably go out for a run.  My husband lifts....heavy.  He has done a body building competition and honestly works hard at lifting heavy.  If given a half hour free his drug of choice would be lifting.  He has suggested that I run less but understands that that is my way of stress relief and feeling good.  All of these things are healthy.
What I've been noticing though is something that I started to observe back when he was doing his body building competition, is shaming others for their choices...and unfortunately it is something that I continue to see all over social media.  Believe me I get the ribbing and joking but when is the line drawn?  I have friends that are in the body building sector that hate running but have respect for those who can run for hours without stopping.  In the same vein, while the idea of being in a competition like that is not something I would choose at the moment, I have a tremendous amount of respect for what people do to achieve that.  I think that this is where the conversations...and more importantly messages being put out there need to be.  A respect and understanding that we are all in this to do the same thing...push ourselves to the limit and feel good...right?  Everyone's journey is going to look different...based on them.

I may or may not be explaining this well enough but I know that when I am looking for a trainer or going through social media pages and see constant posts making fun of people that do cardio...or use Bosu balls...or any deviation from what that person has chosen...I'm going to walk the other way.  As an elementary school teacher we learn that our students are each individuals and should be taught that way.  In fitness we all are on our own path....whether you run, do Crossfit, lift heavy, or whatever you choose, own it and let others do the same without criticism.


  1. Yes, everyone is entitled to do what they feel is best for their own body. Being active no matter how should not be shamed. It should be celebrated!

  2. So true! I see lots of this as well and it drives me crazy. I feel like we all enjoy different things and all that should matter is that we're out there getting some exercise done. And as a fellow educator, I definitely hear you on the individuals thing!