Thursday, October 8, 2015


That big sparkly 3 right there has me baffled with unbelief (partly because what was supposed to be an easy Pinterest project was almost a Pinterest fail!!)!  With that being's your three randoms for the week!

Growing too quick...Our mini-chickie will be 3 on Saturday.  Even typing that statement makes my heart crack just a little.  Our little chickie...our baby...our tiny tornado is going to be three!
While our first chickie made me a mama, this one has stretched and challenged me in a way I didn't know I could go.  She's taught me so much in just 3 short years about loving and living big and I couldn't imagine our family without her!  She is the child we prayed for after having a miscarriage and she certainly lights up our days!  Of course we get the questions now..."Are you done?"  Let me just say I'm not ready to answer that question yet!

Free...Last week I was so excited to learn that my BRF Jill and I had won gift cards from Saucony for our participating in BRF Week with Another Mother Runner!  Holy moly so many of my favorite things all rolled into one...Saucony, AMR, and Jill!!!

Well once it got to my house I saw that I in fact could pick any one thing that I wanted from the Saucony line.  Anything?  Immediately I thought of the fabulous bullet capris that I have been DYING to try....

But then realty set in and I thought about it more....more like the reality of my daycare bill set in!  I buy about 4-5 pairs of sneakers every year (about one pair every 3 months) and to be able to not have to pay for a pair is really the smartest move for me!  This whole adult thing is for the birds sometimes!  So I went with the kicks and soon these will be at my door!!

Runner's World...A week from today I will be on a plane to the PA for the Runner's World Half and Festival!!!!!  I keep going between being so extremely wicked excited and nervous as all heck!  I mean I am going to be meeting some amazing people that I have only seen from a can't even!!  Plus I am going to be actually RUNNING with them...ok well maybe not with them more like running to catch up!!
I am so thankful for this opportunity and can't even believe they picked me to be part of it!  Now to just not suck at running and all will be good!!

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  1. She's really going to be 3 already??? Wish I could join you in PA!