Thursday, October 29, 2015

#RWHalf Day 4...The Half Marathon Hat Trick!

If you're just joining in the fun for the first time, you can find my recaps of Days 1-3 here, here, and here!  Go ahead and catch up...we'll be right here waiting!

With Pat Benatar still ringing in my ears, I woke up Sunday morning ready to run the half!  It was going to be a really cold start (well cold considering it has been in the 60s) at just 32 degrees so layering was key!
It was also game day so I had to represent!
We met up with the crew and made our way to the start line.  The half start was about a half mile away from the previous two races but they had gear check at both locations that again were very easy to navigate.  You could also use the bathrooms at the casino right next to the start line for a warm option and running water (just don't forget your ID)!

We seeded ourselves back a little bit knowing we intended on keeping the pace slower than normal and fun.  A short time later we were off!  It was great to see Deena Kastor and the Runner's World crew at the start line giving out high fives and dancing!  Definitely helped to set the fun mood for the morning!
We settled into a comfortable pace just under a 9 min mile and I mentally prepped myself for what I had been told was a very hilly course.  Yeah I'm pretty sure that all the prepping did nothing to describe the hills.  I remember saying to Dani at one point..."Remember that post I did about embracing the hills...yeah I take it back!"  The hills were steep...and long...and challenging.  I'm not going to sugarcoat that one for you!

However, the company made it doable.  We kept great conversation flowing, laughs and potty breaks when needed, and of course Dani's famous selfies!
I will say the spectators really made it a lot of fun too!  The people of Bethlehem really stepped up to the plate for this race!  There was great crowd support throughout the entire course and the water stops were well stocked and full of positive people.  Each stop had water and Ultima, the drink of the weekend.  Some spectators were handing our pretzels...some gave out Twizlers!  I even caught wind of one handing out donuts!!  They were a lot of fun and actually made the miles fly by...even though we were climbing so many.  There were times I looked at my watch to check how we were doing and flat 8s were showing up!  So much for taking it easy...but it felt great and we were having fun!  A quick stop to high five the Aardvark and get a skirt from the Running Skirt ladies and we were back at it climbing and selfieing (yeah that's my new're welcome!) all through the town!
We did plan an epic finish line photo which everyone did Dani's signature finish line leap but sadly no photog got evidence of it!  We had a blast and I honestly felt awesome at the end.  We finished in 2:02...even with a couple of group potty breaks and selfies along the way!
We didn't spend a ton of time at the finish line.  We said our goodbyes and thank yous to Brian from Altra and headed back to the hotel to clean/warm up and grab something to eat before our shuttle left for the airport. I also said goodbye to my amazing and inspiring roomie!!!  She's headed to NYC this weekend and she is going to ROCK it!!!

These Feetures compression socks saved the day!!!  Kept my legs so happy!!  I was ready though to hug my family!!
Lounging in the airport I tried to wrap my head around the whole weekend.  There are still things that I'm still thinking through in my head...amazing people and many words of encouragement and wisdom...certainly a chance of a lifetime!  I certainly don't know how I got on Runner's World radar but wowzer am I glad I did!!!  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced this weekend. Many thanks to David Tratner and Runner's World crew and Altra for an amazing experience!!!


  1. Love this recap and all those selfies!! Makes me a little sad that the weekend is over!

  2. I bet that finish line photo would have been AMAZING!