Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Motivation

Yes this quote is from a few years ago but this morning waking up this is how I felt..that I had been lazy/irresponsible with my weekend and have erased the progress I made over the week.  I am setting big goals for myself for the rest of the year and slacking off with nutrition on the weekend is not going to get me there!  I know that it is easy to let my guard down once Friday night rolls around but I need to dial it in!  I am the only one to's to 7 days of focus!!!

How do you stay on track over the weekend?

This week's goals for the Holiday Sweat Challenge are focused around core strength.  Since having two C-Sections and abdominal surgery prior, my core is most certainly my weakest area!  I am setting a goal of 20 minutes each day working on core strength.  What's your favorite move to strengthen your core?


  1. We have a similar history as I too had 2 c-sections and abdominal surgery during my first pregnancy. My core definitely took a huge hit so I've been working hard to get it back. Would love to hear which exercises are helping you!

  2. I swear I used to UNDO my week ALLL the time until I got so boring (hello motherhood :-)) I didnt go our as much :-)