Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Motivation

I feel like as the years have gone on, I have been carefully selecting who I surround myself and my family with.  There is a quote from Hans Hansen that says, "People inspire you or they drain you.  Pick them wisely." There have been people that I have discovered along the way that have drained me but I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many that motivate and inspire me each day...two of which have big things this week and next!!!  My BRF Jill who I talk about often is tackling her very first ultra this weekend.  Jill doesn't know the word quit and at 50-something (I'm not outing you Jill!) she is still doing things that would have ladies half her age shaking in their Sauconys!  She's awesome and I am so proud to have her in my life!!  Another blogger friend turned real life friend is Dani!!  The list could go on and on about how she motivates everyone around her but this week she is hitting her 2-Year runstreak....let me let that set in....2 friggin years this girl has run every single day!!!  Amazing!  These ladies have me motivated...inspired to not stop pushing my own limits!!!  Who do you surround yourself with??


  1. Love love love! Thank you friend. Ditto about Dani....amazing. Thank you too for connecting us. Young and "older" we are in it together. Ox

  2. Someday I'd like to do an Ultra, just gotta get my hormones right again!!! you are such a super star supporter