Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Days before we were back to school were full but I felt like I was able to enjoy them and do the things I needed to do within reason.  Now that we are back to school...and soccer...and tennis...and gymnastics not so much!  I keep saying I need a day...or a few hours sit down and really plan.  I am craving my to-do list and the ability to check things off as opposed to the runaway train that I am currently on!  Case in point I passed 1000 miles and didn't even know it! 

When life feels like you are being shot out of a cannon every morning, I need even more the ability to start it with my workout.  I just feel like I am able to tackle whatever is headed my way when I have sweated already.  This past week was rainy, cloudy, and cold (a change from what October is normally around here) so it was hard to pull myself out of bed at o'dark thirty but it was worth it every time!!

This week was about getting in the miles but it was also about making sure I got in my weights.  I have been keeping a pretty good schedule of doing weights on Tuesday and Thursday and then kettlebells on Friday.

I know that I need to be more mindful when I am doing weights...what I'm training and really pushing myself...but I also feel good about keeping the strength I have now.  Increased strength will come!

I'm also so thankful that I have a bike path and a few quiet streets near my school so that I can get out a few days a week for runch!

Seriously it makes the day so much easier to handle when I can break it up a bit by getting outside and breathing the air with a run!  Yes there are times when I'm a sweaty mess for the rest of the day but my students thankfully don't judge...much!  This past week even though the weather was dicey I was able to runch 3 days and it made so much of a difference.

So this past week my schedule was as such...
Monday: 3 miles easy run with ab/core work
Tuesday: Weight training circuits
Wednesday: 6 miles with 30/60/90 second pick-ups
Thursday: Weight training circuits
Friday: 3 easy miles + kettlebells
Saturday: torrential rain meant no run for me!
Sunday: More rain...basement sprints!

With no race really on the horizon I am just loving keeping my fitness level up and getting in those long runs with my friends.  I don't know what I'll do when they actually finish their trainings!!!  Are all your running buddies on the same schedule?


  1. You are doing a great job at keeping your fitness up! Always so motivated!!!