Thursday, October 27, 2016


This week has been insane...however I feel like I write that more times than I want.  We've had half days and schedule changes and all that jazz...leaving me a frazzled teacher-mom!  The gym really is my constant...thankfully!  That being said here are some randoms for you!

Make up your mind!...This October has been special weather wise.  We started the month with rain...and lots of it.  Then it was 80 degrees

...and now it's 35. 

Yeah when I said special I was certainly being sarcastic!  I am missing our usual Cape Cod fall where the weather is glorious and we can be outside constantly without a single tourist in sight!  How has your fall been?

Race time!!...The ladies that I run with on Saturday mornings are headed off today to D.C. to run Marine Corps!  They have worked so hard this summer training in all kinds of crazy weather that I am sure no matter what race day brings they are going to be ready....I mean as long as it isn't the wicked dark and foggy morning like we had last week!  Also another bunch of running friends are tackling Cape Cod Half Marathon this weekend....go rock it ladies!!!  And here I am with a major case of FOMO going on!!!

Game time...Since mini-chickie's birthday she has been on a board game streak...anyone who will sit down for more than 2 minutes is susceptible to getting roped into playing another round! 
Don't let the sweet face fool you...she's a fierce competitor who will stop at nothing to get the W!...and yes that does include putting the spinner on the number that she needs!

Stay tuned in for tomorrow as I try to step up my fashion game!!!

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  1. So, you know it snowed here so that's how I'm feeling about the weather!!! Argghhhhhh
    Love that the Cape Cod race is this weekend and I wish I was doing it. The good news is that we're booking a place in Eastham for summer 2017! Can we plan our get together now? :-)