Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Get Your Fashion Fix

As a working mom of two (one totally OWNING the nickname the "tiny tornado"), my days of leisurely strolling stores looking for just the right pieces to add to my wardrobe are very few and far between!  Enter Stitch Fix

It seriously couldn't be easier and more convenient!  Your first step is to take the style profile quiz...basically what are you looking for in clothes and what are clothes that you like, along with how do you like your clothes to fix and what areas do you like to show-off vs hide.  I also linked my profile to my Pinterest style page so I can really give the stylist a lot of visuals about things that I like and am drawn to.  You also can set a budget for what you are looking to pay for the items.  Your final step is to schedule your fix and for just $20 (which let's be honest is worth EVERY PENNY if it means I don't have to step foot in the mall and wrestle with my children while we are in said mall) you will have a fabulous box headed your way put together by your own personal stylist!!  You can then purchase any of the items in your box...or all...and your $20 goes toward your purchase!  SCORE!  You then can send back the things you do not want in a prepaid envelope.

I did my first fix last month and I loved the items!!  I was looking for things for work really and a few items that could work for both. Here a peak into my fix!

The part that I really loved what the style guide that was sent along with the clothes that showed how I could incorporate pieces I already had in my wardrobe to go along with the items that were there....I need picture instructions sometimes!!

The pieces really didn't work for me and what I was looking for but I really loved how I was able to see a lot of the choices I could have!  I gave my stylist a lot of feedback and am excited to see my new fix coming in!!   

Looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe but can't find the time to shop on your own?  Try out Stitch Fix!!!  The clothes come to you!! Have someone on your list that loves fashion...or is like me and can't get themselves to the store?  Why not a gift card??
Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?

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