Friday, November 25, 2016

Pardon Me While I'm Streaking!

This year I have decided to finish up the year by challenging myself to the Runner's World run streak from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I feel like lately that I have been in a funk of sorts....some for good reasons...and I need a goal to keep me motivated through to 2017.  Now this will not only take dedication to get my runs in early before the day gets crazy, but it will take, I fear a lot of dedication to my treadmill!  I don't want this streak to impact the fun that my family and I look forward to each holiday season, so like I said...bring on the early morning runs!!  Now I know many that have fabulous run streaks going...and the fabulous Dani at Weight off My Shoulders is rocking the AMAZING run streak of 755 days (friggin unbelievable!)...but this is not what I am going for.  Just a streak from Thanksgiving to New Years...a way to streak my way to 2017!  I'm 2 days in so now here's my question....who's coming with me?!?!?!

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  1. You go girl!! What a great way to motivate yourself.

  2. Streak away! If I had a treadmill I would streak too. One of these days!