Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Motivation

I'm taking a step to the side today for my motivation...away from the "push your limits" usual quote.  Last week, as I am certain it was for many people, was a hard week for me emotionally.  It wasn't as much the election results as it was what followed the very next day.  The words I saw on social media that people were saying not only about their fellow Americans but their friends, were discouraging.  Even my usual "run it out" tactic didn't work!  It may be because I am at heart an eternal optimist...or perhaps I am a mom of small girls as well as an elementary school teacher.  Half of what I do all day is teaching little people to love each other...use kind words...accept everyone even if they think differently of you...and that all people deserve to be treated kindly.  This week is a new where I encourage you...motivate you to choose love.  Hate is such a heavy burden to bear!


  1. I am with you on this! While I think I have groomed who I see in my newsfeed well enough to not see ugliness there, seeing the "Day one of Trump" articles and stories hurt my heart! On Wednesday, when I was driving, I had someone cut me off and be very rude, and my first thought was "It's already a bad day for me" then I realized that it was a bad day for EVERYONE. From then on, I have been nicer and more loving to EVERYONE I meet, because I think we all need extra kindness right now! I also have tried to reframe my mind from being a selfish victim like my first reactionary thought. So, something positive can come of this! <3 Keep your head up! <3

  2. Amen! Hate is indeed too heavy a burden to bear.