Wednesday, January 11, 2017

May I Have a Word?

Each year for the past few years I have decided on a word or phrase to use to either motivate myself when I am dragging or to help me focus.  This year it is this...
I'm entering 2017 knowing it is going to be a year of a lot of transitions which if we are being honest is not my strong suit.  I'm good at making a plan...carrying the plan out...sticking to the plan.  My weakness comes when I make a plan and 10 deviations later we still have not carried out A plan let alone THE plan.  Being pregnant...having child #3...and establishing a new normal is not really conducive to plan making!

My desire with choosing this as my phrase for the year, is that during this year of change beyond my control, that I would find joy in each situation.  Some things I need to remind myself....
  • This is the last pregnancy....I want to remind myself to savor each kick...each milestone...each moment I can touch my stomach and know that our little man is growing in there.  I want to find joy in this instead of focusing on my ever expanding waistline and rear!  
  • My body WILL bounce back...I have done it twice before and I can do it again.  Will it be a lot of work...yes but I am ready for the challenge and I WILL get there.  I need to remind myself to find joy in the process of my body creating life and then returning back to itself (or perhaps even better) again.
  • Savor each milestone...This week is week 20 for me and instead of wishing the next 20 away I know I need to savor the moments...the moments when my baby girl is still the baby of the family...the moments when we welcome our little boy into our family...the middle-of-the-night moments when he is staring up at me...the times we have as a family of 4 and then of 5!  Each milestone holds a special place and I need to remember the joy in them!
This year instead of looking at the mud I am choosing to focus on the stars!  I'm choosing to and will continue to remind myself to FIND JOY!


  1. Love the word. Finding joy in the journey is one of my life mantras, helps get me through so much!

  2. I love the phrase find joy! that's a great one! I am going to do that too. With the last pregnancy I found myself savoring everything that I could too. All of the little kicks! Of course it's not all joyful but it's the last time you'll be growing a little person inside of you, and that's a big deal!

  3. I have got to share your post with my sister, she's on week 32 of her last pregnancy and she complains so much there is zero joy left for her right now, LOL
    Love your attitude that is definitely a great way to approach this! Congrats on your upcoming baby!!!