Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Motivation

Wow that was quite the break from this here blog!  I honestly wish I had more to show for clean closets or an organized basement, but I do have a lot of memories and time spent with my family!  Speaking of which that brings me to today's motivation.  Now I've used this quote for after a long run gone wrong...or a bad day at work...but today it applies to being a parent!  This past weekend here on Cape Cod was not only cold and windy but we got hit with about 20" of snow in 24 hours which left us all a little stir crazy.  Honestly speaking at one point my husband wished we had a dog so we could send it out back with our mini-chickie to try and tire her out!  If Sunday night was a finish line, we limped across the finish!  However today is a new day!  We still love our little chickies and life is good...just a little less time trapped indoors would be key!


    It's so true and no where more than HERE THIS MORNING.

  2. So nice when the weather warms up a bit and everyone can get out of the house! I get so tired of winter when it makes it too miserable to be outside. and my kids get a bit crazy too!

  3. OMGoodness!! That's a lot of snow ❄️