Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Motivation

The blogging world has blessed me with many inspiring people that I am able to read about and follow in their journeys.  Sometimes I even get to be real-life friends with them!!!  Dani is one of those people!  The things that inspire me most about Dani and motivate me is that first and foremost she is honest...she is able to see when she needs to reset and is honest about the steps she is taking to get there.  Secondly Dani sets a goal and you better believe she is going to hit it!!!  Yesterday the ladies and I were so excited to be able to cheer Dani, and Paige, on for Dani's 50th half marathon!!!!  Let that sink in....5-0!!!  Take a page from Dani this week...put on your sparkly gear (seriously you can't help but be happy in sparkles) and tackle your goals head first!!!

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