Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Motivation

This weekend I was standing in our basement...unloading what felt like the 1000th load of laundry and suddenly I felt like I couldn't breathe!  No it wasn't my ever growing belly making me out of breathe it was pressure...mostly that I put on do it all for everyone.  Before getting pregnant, and even throughout my first trimester, each Saturday morning I would wake up early and head out to meet friends (or solo) and run.  Once running became painful, this stopped.  What I didn't realize was how much that time was doing for me...not just keeping me physically healthy, but mentally as well.  Being a mom who works outside of the house, I often times feel guilty if I also leave Saturday morning to do something for myself...but after talking with my husband that despite the frigid temps I really needed to go out for a walk, I felt so much better.  The freezing wind was filling my lungs and also my soul...filling my tank so that I could go back and be the mom my girls needed me to be.  It's not selfish to do things for's necessary!  Take the time to fill your tank...or you'll be useless to those around you!!

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    I did this without flexibility when the child was little and HOPE HOPE HOPE it has taught her to prioritize herself as well now that she's "not so."