Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Motivation

I have always been honest on here but lately I have been avoiding writing posts...avoiding coming clean with how I have really been feeling lately because I don't want to come across as complaining or being negative.  The truth is that I have been really struggling, especially lately as we inch closer and closer to the little man coming.  I have been struggling with how I feel...that I am too big...and honestly have gotten to the point where I have been avoiding mirrors all together.  At 5'2" there is not much space to put the extra weight that carrying a baby brings and I have never been one of those people who just gains weight in their stomach...I gain everywhere.  Couple that with the fact that most comments directed at me lately on an almost daily basis are things like, "You can't hide anywhere!" and "Wow look how big!" and you have someone who currently just wants to hide.  Please hear that I am so over-the-moon excited to have this baby and know that I am blessed to carry him...but the toll it takes on my body each time has left me very anxious and at times even depressed.  This week I am taking a baby step (pardon the pun!) to accepting my reflection in the see the mom my girls see in front of them (They are always the first to say, "Mom you look beautiful!" see the miracle within me and let it shine to the outside.  We fall into these traps of expecting to see a certain reflection in the mirror that we struggle when it is not there staring back at us.  Maybe what we should be doing is reflecting things that differ...let our light shine out...embrace our unique beauty!  Let your beauty shine today!!


  1. You are beautiful and the little life inside you is making you even more so. I know the struggle is real and hard, but the end result is so amazing isn't it.

  2. Love this post <3 Your words speak to women everywhere, whether going through a pregnancy, weight gain, change of life...I know I've looked in the mirror and thought, ugh! Even though my eyes don't see exactly what I want to see, I know I am in good shape. I can hike and run and survive fitness classes, ;) I just can't look 20 anymore, haha! xox

  3. I have always been a big girl and unfortunately after having my girls, that hasn't changed. But you have to understand that most people don't realize saying those things don't make someone feel good about themselves after they hit a certain age. You look amazing girl. And you're doing a lot better than I was during my 2 pregnancies and even after.

    1. Yes I think they are meant to be light-hearted....thanks so much!!