Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday

You've got that right!  It's Thursday so hold on to your umbrella (if your anywhere in Southern New England) and enjoy today's three randoms!

1.  What am I paying for again?....I have never been the type of person who needed to go to the most expensive gym or the one that had the most bells and whistles.  Before moving down to the Cape, I went to a nice all women's gym which I really chose due to it's location and classes.  I also split my time there and with my trainer who had opened her own studio.  When we moved down I chose a gym that was just 2 miles away from our house.  All I needed were some weights and a treadmill and I was happy.  At the time there were classes too but I had committed to going before work and before most of the world woke up!  Well it was bought out by Work Out World (which as an organization is probably pretty good just not our location) and since then the quality has gone way down.  Last night I went to run and there were 8....count them 8 treadmills broken and one with a wobbly deck!!  Mind you most of these have been broken since a month ago!  I'm really not hard to please with gyms.  Just give me a treadmill that works and I'm usually good.  Perhaps it's time to explore my options!

2.  Help please!!!....The past couple of runs for me, including last night, I have felt like perhaps a major organ was going to fall out via my lady parts (sorry male readers).  I work those muscles so hard to try and keep that from happening that I end up getting really bad stomach cramps which of course freak me out!  Anyone else ever have this happen?  Any suggestions on what I should do?

3.  Virtual trainer....Over Christmas-time I joined up with Bobbi from Nhershoes for her Holiday Shred.  I was greeted every morning with a new kick butt workout that lasted 20 min that really got the sweat going!  It was awesome and she also provided support for ways to clean up my diet as well!  Well she is back at it again!  She is starting her Summer Shred!  I'm totally about you?  Check it out here and sign your bootie up!  You will not be sorry you did!


  1. Ug. That's a bummer about the gym. If you are not getting what you need (treadmill etc), you should quit it. Besides, it's summer time and hopefully you will be able to run/walk outside for a little while! I was a member of 24 Hour Fitness for about 6 years without using it. It was cheap (100/yr) so I kept renewing, but the city I was working in didn't have one so I ended up joining a different gym instead and then I couldn't justify paying for something I wasn't using, or paying for two gyms!

  2. I used to go to the gym six days a week. With the 15 minute driver there and back,that was 30 minutes out of my day. Plus time wasted in the locker room, and other annoyances. Now I have a very nice treadmill in the basement, and a craigslist bought weight bench and am very very happy for it. Gym memberships are good for socializing, but I wasn't looking for that anymore. Just easier access to workouts and increase time spent with the kids and munching pizza and chocolate after a long run. By the way, since treadmills are so hard to find, I fully love my Nordic Track Commercial 1500.

  3. That sucks Nancy.....My legs squeezed together at number two ;) I have never run pregnant, only after. I don't go to a gym but all that broken equipment would drive me nuts!!!!!!

  4. ugh- I had a membership at a gym once where all the equipment was either rundown or not working. It was terrible!
    I have never ran while pregnant, but I know my muscles "down there" were a little lacking when I was with child :).

  5. The whole treadmill thing might be enough for me to leave the gym. I have free weights at home, but a treadmill would pay for itself over time I think.

  6. Did my comment POOF?
    Oh well. I'm stilll here to help even if it poofed away ;-)

    1. Oh no it must have poofed away! Are you here to help all my running woes?

  7. 8 treadmills out! That's unacceptable. I get mad when 1 or 2 are out at my gym. I didn't run while pregnant, just did the stairstepper at home so not sure about the falling organs:) That feeling sometimes happens to me when I am having my period though, but always goes away after. I need to check out the summer shred. I am going to Vegas in June and I need to banish the jiggle before I put on a bikini:)

  8. I cancelled my gyn membership to work out at home and haven't regretted it once. The treadmill situation would have been enough for me to cancel.

    Sorry I'm not help with #2.