Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Thank you all so much for your kind comments from yesterday's post!  It helped me to get it out there and now I am ready to celebrate the bump!!
Now here is your weekly dose of randomness!!  Enjoy!!

1.  Another Mother Runner Challenge....As if Sarah and Dimity were listening to my thoughts yesterday, they posted today a challenge for June!  Thanks ladies....I needed this push to keep moving!!  Those two rock anyways and after talking with Sarah for the Another Mother Runner feature, I feel like we are practically BFFs!! :-) If you want to check out all the details yourself and sign up, go here.  You need to log 5 days of workouts a week for the month of June.  You don't have to run you just have to move your hiney and sweat!  So.......
Are YOU mother enough?

2.  What is this race for?....This weekend hubs went up for some much needed guy time and golf so Em and I had a girl's weekend!  I had thought of surprising her and going to run in a local race on Sunday morning.  We went to the beach Saturday and honestly I couldn't tear her away from the water (yeah it's not even close to being warm enough....I told her not to go farther than her ankles because I was not going in after her!)!  We stayed for 3 glorious hours and this genius didn't put sunscreen on.  Granted I lathered Em up in about an inch thick all over her body but I differed to "I'm Portuguese...I'm good" mentality and passed.  Well yeah I got a sunburn....the race was for melanoma awareness...yeah you do the math....we passed on the race as to not put myself up as the spokesperson for what not to do if you don't want melanoma!

3.  Tick...tick....tick....The school year is beginning to wrap up, although not as quickly as my nieces school and for that I am of course jealous.  I mean their bums will be in the sand while mine will be sticking to a chair built for a kindergartener!  When June approaches I begin to get giddy thinking about all the fun things we can do for the Summer.  This year is no different!!  Sunday Em and I were talking about all the time we can spend at the beach and just playing!  I'm thinking of starting a Summer Bucket List.   What would be on yours???

Stay tuned for tomorrow....I'm revealing how I am celebrating my half-way mark (20 weeks)!! 


  1. I CAN NOT believe my girl is done with kinder next week.
    alas my summer bucket list at this point is making it through the summer happily having FUN and getting my work done too :)

  2. I signed up for the AMR challenge! Huge fan of Sarah and Dimity!

    I'll have to put a little thought into my summer bucket list :)

    Have a great day Nancy!

  3. Love Sarah and Dimity!

    My bucket list for the summer is training for my first marathon! Woo-hoo!!!

  4. Summer really is the best. I am ready to get it started! You are so lucky to be so close to the beach. We are about a 3-hr. drive, but go several times/summer.

    Get out that sunscreen! ; )

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Thanks for posting about the challenge, I will have to go back and look at that. I love summer bucket lists! This is the 3rd year we have done that, too, and it's the best! We will be having our 3rd annual backyard campout next month and we will be busy planning for that this month.

  6. That challenge sounds like a great idea! I am in:) I will have to work on my summer bucket list:) Happy 20 weeks!

  7. I love random thoughts. These are good ones.

  8. Neato! Can't wait to follow along...

  9. Thanks for posting about the challenge- I am going to go check it out.
    Next week is our last week of school! I am so excited for school, soccer, dance, etc to be done and to just play!! Plus, my kids have always had year-round school and this year we are on a traditional school calendar... so it's our first FULL summer vacation!

  10. I'm in for that Challenge! Love Sarah & Dimity!

    Can't believe how fast time is flying by - only a couple more weeks and my boys are out for the summer. So looking forward to hitting the beach!