Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday...Joggermom Marathon

No you did not miss anything....I did not run a marathon also this weekend (my husband would have had me committed for sure!).  I however did run the Joggermom Virtual Marathon during the month of May! 
I did this one last year as well and I really had a lot of fun with it each time!  They send you weekly newsletters and playlists during the month.  It's great...a must do for next year!  I broke my marathon into 3 parts which fits just right for today's three things!!!  Lucky you!

Run 1....
I tried out a new (to me) app called RunKeeper since I now have to run with my phone just in case.  It worked pretty well...told me an update every 5 minutes which was encouraging.  I will forever love my Garmin and just being able to glance down at it but getting the updates every 5 minutes was a nice change! 

                                              Run 2....
This was an 8 miler but alas I can't find the picture of it....of course!  My pace was more of a 10:15 pace for the 8 miles.  I am at a point where it is all about covering the distance and not the speed in which I do it!  It has been nice to be able to take in the scenery more!

Run 3....
Ok so I went over 26.2 miles but I finished with a bang with my half marathon on Sunday!  A great way to finish up!!
Somebody forgot to take her picture with her bib!!  Clearly I'm at work....I don't have an alphabet at home (yet)!
....and now for the bling!


  1. Congrats! This is a fun idea:) I have that exact same Garmin, Love it!

  2. Nice! Getting playlists sent sounds awesome!

  3. Very nice! I like to run with my phone just in case too unless I'm doing short laps around the indoor track or baseball fields.

  4. Good job on the marathon! You clocked a lot of miles this month! I usually run with my phone because it has music on it, as well as the fact that it's a camera. Other than that, I don't use it as a phone (thank goodness).

  5. Congrats on your finish! What a fun idea.

  6. sounds like a fun idea and great job on your marathon! love the medal :)