Friday, March 29, 2013

Fitness Friday...Are you part of a pack?

Lately I have been running in a pack of one...
Since I was about 7 months pregnant until now I have been running alone most of the time.  Let me tell you something about running alone...many times it is fabulous.  I have quiet time to think and listen to podcasts and no one is asking me for anything.  However there are times, which are often lately, that I am needing a pack to push me along.  After running with Jill last weekend, I know I need that pack to not only keep my mind off the hurt but to also push me.  Something about me that you may or may not know is that I don't like saying I can't do something....or even give the illusion that I can't.  I've said it before but when I first started playing soccer and had to run in a group, I used to hold my breathe so no one would know if I was sucking wind or not!  This fact worked really well for me in the past 2 years while I was running with my running group.  The fear of being left behind forced me to push the pace and as a result I was faster than I had ever been before.  This fact works against me in cases such as right now when I don't feel like I can keep up with the wolf pack!  However I know I need to push myself and get out of my comfort zone in order to reach awesome status...

What about you?  Are you a pack runner? workerouter?  Do you work better alone or in a group?  Favorite line from "The Hangover"...go!


  1. I usually run alone, but am hoping once I have both kids in school to get to do some group runs and push myself more outside my comfort zone. I know when my husband does HIIT workouts with me, I push myself harder than when I am working out alone.

    Is is sad that I have never seen The Hangover...

  2. I do both - love pack running for my long runs, love alone time during the week! I have never seen The Hangover...

  3. I usually run alone since I don't really know any other runners near me:( so sad. I love that you push yourself. I know too many people that just want to complain that they are not getting where they want to be with running, but I know that they are just not pushing themselves. That is a must in running. You have to be uncomfortable to get better and I love it when people get that! I tend to push harder if I am in a group too:)

  4. I hear ya on rejoining a pack. I've been hating running with others right now because of my current fitness level but as they say....if you want to run faster, run faster. ;)

  5. I do my long runs in a group and LOVE it. However lately I have more and more GI issues and I feel there is some pressure with the group. I'm planning on doing a long run alone tomorrow (first one in a while) and I'm kind of excited. I think a good balance between group and solo runs are the way to go.