Thursday, March 21, 2013


What's that?  It's Thursday already?  Well then that means it time for another random...
Foodie Friends...I am so thankful I opened up about Em and her eating.  Thank you so much for all your awesome advice and support!!  I have so many ideas that I am going to try out!  She loves to help me cook in the kitchen but I think that a few of the things I make I am going to have to do alone so I can sneak in some goodies!  My hubs spoke with the teacher yesterday and they did a little damage control.  We also let her pick out her dinner which she not only ate all of but there was no battle which was what I wanted to avoid.  Plus it was pretty healthy!!!  Thank you again for all your support!!

Time for Change...For whatever reason Easter time brings in me a desire to change my hair...could be the Spring is finally here (well according to the calendar) and I'm ready to be done with Winter or just ready for a change.  Now let me say that I have the DESIRE for a change but I have had relatively the same haircut and color since I was in high school...yes my friends high school!!!  I did cut all my hair off once when I was in college going from Rapunzel to a Meg Ryan look alike (something about a boy...and a breakup...we all make dumb decisions).  Hubs knew me then and said some not too flattering things about my very short tresses basically ending with "Don't do that again!"  I am going to get my hair cut next Friday and I'm facing a few issues that I need to address.  First up is that my hair is falling out at an alarming rate (heads up to all you pregnant falls out!)  Fortunately I have ridiculously thick hair to begin with so it isn't too bad but it is getting a little ragged.  Second issue at hand is that I am now 34...ugh... and well my once dark brown hair is showing it's age (i.e. white hairs are no longer blending in with my blonde highlights).  So yeah I'm thinking about maybe a change in color too!  For a cut I was thinking a lob...aka the long bob circa Rachel McAdams (Does Ryan Gosling come with the haircut?)
I need a little length since I want to still be able to pull it back and because my hair is so curly that when you cut it short it recoils like nothing I've ever poodle do for me thanks!  We shall see though...

Pumping Iron...No I'm not talking my hubby's favorite movie:
I'm talking getting my -ish together and hitting the weights.  Now that my half marathon is in the bank my next half is in May (I have a 10k and 10 miler in April) and I have some very specific goals for that.  Being that that race is on Memorial Day aka the unofficial start of summer, I am going to want to be ready to flash my guns!
 Beautiful baby has left me well....for the lack of better more flattering term...giggly.  The plan is being formed and the iron is going to be pumped!!!  What's your favorite body part to train?  For me it's legs and shoulders.  I feel like I can beat up my legs pretty good and I can lift crazy weight with them! (Thank you 13 years of being a catcher in softball!)


  1. Love that shirt - Nice reminder about the guns. My "A" race is Memorial weekend, too - I should make it a goal to look HAWT in a long bra-top for the race (because, let's face it, my twin tummy will not see the light of day except on a beach).

  2. Go for it on the hair! You deserve a cute new do. I have few grays popping up and they are so annoying. They are short and stick straight up out of my head. I try to pluck them or have my kids do it for me:)

  3. Love the hair idea. I've been dreaming of a new style too. But I'm so wishy washy about what I want - I'll probably wait until April break. That seems to be the time when I want new. I struggle with my kids and healthy eating too. Looking forward to new ideas!

  4. so glad you got some useable ideas to help with Em's pickiness for foods.

    Since you have curly hair, have you looked at styles that you like while its curly? I have naturally curly hair (but i straighten it all the time) so there are some styles i like, but due to natural texture and such they don't look right, OR would only look good when straight and no curly. I finally solved that problem and got it professionally straightened to cut down on blow and straighten time--- lifesaver... more like timesaver too

  5. I so go for it on the hair cut - I always feel like a change come Spring too. Please post a pic of the new do :)

    And good for you for hitting the weights - I'm targeting a race on Memorial Day weekend too. The weight training will pay off!

  6. I've read that hair loss can happen with pregnancy but it hasn't happened yet to me, so does it happen after like a residual effect? Oh I've had grey hair since I was in my early 20s so that has been fun! :-) I'm sure you'll get a super cute hair cut!

  7. I love that Rachel McAdams bob. However, every time I cut my hair I wonder why I did it, because it never looks as good as it does on the stars! Good for you for doing strength training! I need to do that. I tend to focus on my legs and my arms get totally neglected.

  8. I also totally have to change my hair around this time. I went with more blond highlights and it was fun! I wasnt sure I would like it but I do and it feels like it needs to get warm now (although it snowed today so kind of a bummer on that end).