Thursday, March 14, 2013


So much randomness so little time!  Enjoy this week's dose of just a glimpse of what goes through my mind each day!  You're welcome!

Germs...This week each and every member of my family was sick.  Thankfully they only had colds and not the dreaded norovirus(that would have sent me over the edge!) but colds are just enough to make others miserable.  Poor hubs landed himself an ear infection, Aubrey scored pink eye (like she doesn't have enough trouble with her eyes!) and Em (I'm blaming her germy buddies at school) just had your average cold.  With a half marathon (my first long race since Aubrey was born) looming on Sunday I was fighting the good fight...drinking a lot of this:
and chasing everyone around with Lysol and opening windows!  I'm still not done fighting but let's just say I'm not feeling 100%.  Grrrrrrrr!

Spring...One thing that we are all so ready for is the weather to get warmer.  This past weekend the girls and I went for a drive (to air them out and let Dad rest and watch Tiger).  We drove past all of our beaches while Em shouted "See you soon!"  She comes home each day and wants to put on a summer dress.  She never wears a coat....yeah we're ready for Spring!  However, one thing about living in New England is that Spring last for about a hot minute.  March and April are rainy and cool then when your not looking it gets warmer and boom it's Summer!  Makes for fun running since you never know how to dress!

Biggest Loser...What is it about this show that has me balling my eyes out?  This week they showed the contestants videos that they made on their first day to demonstrate how far they have come....good gravy get out the Kleenex!!  Poor Hubs had to watch all 2 hours of it but it was just so amazing not only how much they have changed  physically but emotionally as well!  Am I the only one here?  I just love watching people prove themselves wrong and reach goals they never knew they could!  So awesome!


  1. Hope you stay well for your race!! I thnik it is so hard not to get sick when others in the house are, hoping that Airborne and Lysol works for you!

  2. My family swears by Airborne!! Spring weather can't come soon enough for me. I'm right there with you crying while watching BL. Seriously heart touching and motivating!

    Have a great rest of the week Nancy!

  3. That is what I am drinking! My daughter is so cruddy sounding right now, coughing, congested lungs, froggy voice, and I have a half on Saturday. Aack!

    It was 65 degrees here yesterday but too windy to even enjoy it.

  4. Ugh...the crud! Sorry it made a visit to your house. I keep feeling like I have something coming on, but it has to be in my head w/ a marathon on Saturday!

    Yes to summer and beaches--can't get here soon enough!

  5. I still haven't watched BL. I watch online with a friend and we do situps or pushups whenever a contestant cries. I'm thinking this week is going to be a good workout :)

  6. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Good luck on your race and hope you are feeling much better on race day!

  7. Good grief I hope the crud leaves your house soon!

    Good luck at New Bedford - bummed I'll miss you.

  8. Oh no, I hope you aren't sick for the race. I feel your pain with the germs. Thing 2's class was sanitized because so many were out sick. So far, knock wood, we are spared.

  9. I am running New Bedford this weekend too. My 8 year old has a horrible cold, I am just hoping that if I get it it is next week.