Thursday, July 25, 2013


Baby is napping...almost...Dora is on the TV...sounds like a great time to dish you my three randoms for the week before the day ramps up!!!

No Fear...Yesterday we went to a local fair with my in laws.  We have had this fair date on the calendar ever since we drove by the fairgrounds and saw the sign up!  In true form, our Em had no fear!  Her first stop was the GIANT Ferris Wheel with Bumpa (because there was no way I was getting on it!).

It went from there.  She wanted faster and higher all night!  My hubby and I were freeing it must be not only to have no fear but no concept that something may be unsafe!  The whole night I had to be holding her hand...especially in light of a lingering Amber Alert in RI...she knew we were keeping her safe and there was no concept of fail!  Oh if I could only live my life this fear of what fear of falling short of goals...just going and knowing it was all good!

Cape Cod Summer....This summer our friends have introduced us to a beach that has the hubby and I feeling like real Cape Codders!  People who are not born and raised on the Cape are called "wash ashores" and everyone in our family except Aubs is just that, however I feel like I'm a Cape Codder at I could live on the beach.  Isn't that enough!?(or is it just the fact that I am RI girl who just floated south!)  Either way we have gotten into a weekend habit of going to a beach where you drive onto the beach.  It's roading, no beach carts, hours/days of entertainment!  Last Sunday we were there from 9:30-5:30!!  We love it!!

ZOOMA Run...This Monday, July 29th, we are teaming up with Social Boston Sports and Muscle Milk for a run in Brookline!  I haven't run for a long time in the city and I am really excited to team up with SBS and get my run on while we get people excited for ZOOMA Cape Cod!  In the Boston area?  Come on out and run with us!!!  We are meeting in Brookline outside the Washington St. station at 7pm.  If you're coming let me know so I can be sure to look for you! 


  1. Two feet off the ground and I panic. Yet as a kid I ran around on the roof of our house. I wonder how this fear develops?

  2. awww those beach pictures are way too cute! I love the beach it always makes me feel sooo relaxed.

  3. All day at the beach sounds like a perfect day to me!

  4. Looks like yall had fun! The beach is always a blast.

  5. Ahh kids, love they don't have any fear, wish we adults could be like that, at least for a day!