Friday, November 15, 2013

The Best Version of Me

Sometimes I come across things that will provoke a thought it me...most times I need it to marinate for a bit before I can really know what it meant to me.  Last month I saw this on @AuthEmmie's Instagram...
It got me thinking about a habit I have gotten into lately.  Since having Aub, I have been comparing myself to what I looked like and was able to do before having her.  Remembering that I found out I was pregnant just a week before I was very ready to run a 20 miler, I know I was in probably the best shape I had been since college.  Reading back over the posts I've put up since having her I got annoyed with myself reading all the "old me" comparissons. 
You see after I had Emma I did the same thing...I took a long look at myself and the 70lbs I needed to lose and I fought like hell to lose it!  However along that journey I was again chasing what I was.  What resulted was not who I was better!  I was faster and stronger than I had been before!  I reached levels I had never been to and was honestly proud of how hard I worked to get there!
The lesson for me this time around...I am done.  I am done chasing the girl I was before I had Aub.  I am done trying to be as fast as she thin as she dedicated as she was.  I am done trying to measure up to her.  Done because in doing that I am doing two things...limiting progress and losing perspective.  I'm limiting myself to only become who I was before pregnancy.  I know I have the potential to be even faster and stronger than I was before.  I don't want to be as good as I once was...I want to be better!!!  I'm also losing perspective on how far I've come thus far.  I took a picture at the gym the other day and it actually surprised me...I do so much tearing apart when I look in the mirror that I fail to see the progress in front of me....So I did this...
6 months ago:
 6 days ago:

So I'm promising to myself to look forward and not back...I'm looking forward to the amazing things I can do today and in the future...I'm looking forward to the journey that lays ahead...I'm looking at today and the body I have fought to have!  To think I have almost missed out on so many things including family pictures because I wasn't where I was before...I'm embracing joy now in the body I am in today!!!
Have you every compared yourself with what you were when you were younger?  How do you maintain perspective as you are trying to lose weight?


  1. You are so right Nancy! We should all embrace who we are today and strive to be our best now, not in the past!

  2. Love this Nancy! As always so inspiring! Comparing myself to others, the past, etc. is my biggest health and fitness challenge. Ugh! Maintaining a healthy perspective isn't easy and it should be.

  3. Wonderful post! And you are gorgeous- love your perspective, it will make ALL the difference in finding contentment. You are exactly where you should be. xo

  4. I agree - don't waste time looking backwards. It's gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Look forward to the exciting memories you will make in the near future! Cheers!

  5. Great perspective! We are so hard on ourselves and see "flaws" that nobody else sees.

  6. Awesome! I really needed to read this now; I ran my first marathon last Sunday and completed, but am still beating myself up for not being FASTER. What an idiot! Embrace the joy!
    You look great!

  7. Right on girl! I have a tendency to look back too often and miss the bigger picture. I nit pick at the flaws, not the accomplishments.

  8. I love this, thanks for sharing! If we take a look at our lives and accomplishments and all we did to fight for what we wanted, I think we would really be in awe of ourselves!

  9. I'm actually fitter now on my 40's than I was in my teens or twenties, but I'm still hard on myself!