Thursday, November 14, 2013


Buckle up for this week's dose of randomness!

Pre or Post Thanksgiving...There has been a great debate going on in the Fancy Nancy house about when to decorate for Christmas.  Let me set the stage here.  Before meeting my husband I thought I was a huge Christmas fan...and then I met him.  He is a HUGE Christmas fan...all year round!  He gets excited when the store start setting up their displays as I am just clearing the beach stuff out of my car...and now he has an accomplice, our daughter.  The other day we were driving home from the doctor's office and she perked up from her sickiness and said, "Mom look at those lights!"  So enter our debate...when to put up our decorations. 
As noted by hubby, Thanksgiving is late this year leading to less time to enjoy the lights.  My thought is I need to be present for one holiday before moving on to the next.  Which camp do you belong to...before or after Thanksgiving?

Smokers cough?...Now that the temps are dipping down below freezing there has been a strange thing happening around here post run.  This has been something that has happened for a few years now.  While I welcome cooler temps...I would much rather bundle up than sweat my face off...this is an annoying side effect.  For the day after an outdoor run in cold temps (under 40 degrees) I cough up grossness...seriously sounds like I smoke a pack a day!  Does this happen to anyone else?  Any wicked smaht people out there that knows what is causing this? 

Protein Hot Cocoa...Since I have been taking supplements, I've been skipping my morning coffee.  While I don't need the extra boost...I'm missing my warm, cozy hug I get from the whole coffee drinking experience!  Well enter my newest love!  I have been using hot water instead of cold water in my daily 10am protein shake...chocolate mint protein plus hot water equals a warm, chocolaty hug minus the sugar and fat!  I love it and know it's going to be my hot cocoa substitute this winter!  Try it out!!

This is coming out a bit late due to a sick chickie at home...hoping her fever breaks soon!!


  1. I LOVE RANDOMNESS and am sending thoughts of healing and health your way as I hear MY LITTLE CHICKIE coughing upstairs (!)

  2. Randomness works for me. I'm definitely a post-thanksgiving decorator (and honestly, I don't decorate much). My cough after running lately has been AWFUL.

  3. After Thanksgiving please:) Yes, I get a cough after I run in cold temps. It has something to do with the difference between the cold air and your warm body. I have heard if you wear something over your mouth, the problem will go away. But, that is only if you can stand to wear something over your mouth while you run;)

  4. I used to be firmly routed in the no Christmas things until the day after Thanksgiving. This year we already set our tree up, but will wait to do the outside until after Turkey day, or at least closer too it. I am firm in my no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving though!

  5. We put our tree and outdoor decorations up the day after Thanksgiving and go all out! I love decorating for Christmas!

  6. I usually spend the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating unless we are going to be out of town and then I try to get it done before we leave.