Thursday, November 21, 2013


Happy Thursday!!!  Last week I was convinced that this week was Thanksgiving...yeah not so much!  Enter the longest week ever!!!  Happy to have arrived at Thursday and knowing tomorrow brings the weekend and some much needed attention to my hair!!  Here's your randoms for this week!!

Just not right...Our oldest was really sick last week (fever, no eating, achy) and even had to get blood work done and go to Children's Hospital to get further testing done (i.e. reason for a heavy hearted run Friday).  She was originally diagnosed with Lyme's Disease which is scary but we were glad to start treatment.  Then two days later we were told that it in fact was not that.  Now don't get me wrong I don't want her to have Lyme's but it was a diagnosis with a treatment.  She is feeling much better (no fever or aches) but she is still very tired and just not right.....Do you fret over your children's health?  When do you make that call to the doctor when something is off? 

Fleece-Covered Fancy Nancy...The time of year is here when you can find me at one point in my day wearing something made of fleece!  I always have fleece in my car and I'm beginning to get out the winter running gear courtesy of Under Armour...they have the best layering pieces for the winter!  I'm game to run in any temps but the other 22 hours of my life I am such a baby!!  I'm sure my hubby is getting tired of me telling him how freezing it is...praise God we don't live in a colder place!  Are you always cold or hot? Running outside is not a problem and I am able to dress for even single digits...why then can I not figure out the rest of my day?!  Even though it is far too early, I'm already dreaming about the beach and the warm sun on my face!!

Piling on Miles...I am on week 3 of the Pile on the Miles challenge and I have to say I'm excited about this year!!  As I said I set the bar high at 125 miles this month (fully knowing I'll need a massage and nap once Dec 1st rolls around!) and I'm excited to say I'm sitting at 90 miles this morning and I'm feeling confident that I can hit 125 by next week!!!  Then like I said...promptly schedule a massage!!!!

You can sign up until November 25th and let your miles do something good for people that have lost it all!


  1. Anything having to do with my boys' health is scary. I hope you are able to figure out what was causing the issues.

  2. I'm always hot so when it's cold out I have great runs! I have to sleep with a fan on me. Poor bf is always hiding under a pile of blankets. Lol! LOVE your mileage. You go Nancy!

  3. I'm so sorry about your oldest. I hate going to the doctor (esp. with the kiddos) and not getting a concrete answer. I hope she feels better soon.

  4. I am the fleece queen too, during winter! Our climate is pretty mild. I have no idea how I would do with Montana or Minnesota. haha
    We try to stay away from doctors, but I hope your little one is feeling 100% better soon, Nancy!

  5. There is nothing more stressful than when you child is sick, especially when it's more than a random cold. So hope she feels better soon!!

  6. I completely freak out about stuff with my boys health! I hope that your daughter is much better soon.
    And - always cold except at night then I'm always hot!!!

  7. I am always cold!! I curl up with my hot tea and a blanket sometimes in the evenings. :) We're hoping to get a woodstove installed soon so make one really toasty place in the house!

  8. Man, I bet its chilly over there. I love fleece; I actually wear it when running because it keeps me warm but not too hot! I even have a fleece beanie! Good luck reaching your 125 miles! Go get em girl!