Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIAW....Prep for Success

Well I am 2 months into my Paleo Challenge and I have to be perfectly honest....I've SUCKED (sorry Mom I know you hate that word!)
I do awesome for the first 2/3 of the day and then I come home from school and WHAM....I proceed to rationalize and lose focus!  It isn't for long...usually just an hour but the damage I do sometimes is just not ok!  This week I'm back on track and I'm convinced that even through these holidays I can do it!!
Part of the problem with my day is that I have prepped breakfast, lunch, and dinner but nothing for my afternoon snack.  I get home hungry and that is where I fail!

The name of the successful eating game is prepping ahead!  I know that if I have good choices that are just as convient as bad choices then I will be far more successful than if I need to prep something while I'm starving and having to run the circus show that is our afternoon!
This week I made my lunches, bagged up nuts for snacks, hard boiled eggs, and even prepped some dinner for later in the week (when I'm more apt to call for take out) on Sunday afternoon!  I have a weight goal for the end of this year and I'm not letting my lack of preparation or laziness get in my way!!
There are some great bloggers out there to get ideas from for Sunday prep as well!  Lindsay at Lean Green Bean is amazing at prepping her week (like serious organization and awesomeness!)   Also Jill at Fitness, Health, and Happiness hosts a weekly menu planning link-up that is chock full of bloggers who plan and prep their week ahead of time!

Do you menu plan/prep your week on the weekend?  How do you set yourself up for nutritional success?


  1. I meal plan and a little food prep each Sunday. I sometimes stray from the meal plan but it's always nice to have healthy snacks ready to go. Way to get back on track Nancy!

  2. I need to prep more...I keep getting tripped up by the fact Im more an intuitive eater.
    I stock the house with great choices---but I never really prep.

  3. I find when I'm aiming for a particular way of eating (like this GB challenge right now) I almost always self sabotage. Good luck pushing through! After wards, do you think you would feel more successful if you "allow" small amounts of other whole grains or dairy but still aim for paleo? That way you're never failing if you get off course! :)

    1. I am thinking of looking into that Laura! That way I don't always feel like I'm failing!

  4. I struggle with the afternoon snacking too. I end up having coffee and carbs which is a bad combo for me.

  5. This is something I definitely need to work on;0

  6. Thanks for the love :) You said it. Success for me is all in the Sunday Prep. It's too much of a struggle if I don't.

  7. What are some of your common meal plans?