Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let's Talk Training Week 4

Week 4 and I'm finally feeling what I've been chasing...walking funny from sore legs and a good fatigue!  Overall it was a great week and I'm excited to see going forward where I can take it!  I'm working in my burpees each day (50 per day) and inspiring a gym to join in!  So here's the skinny on last week!
Monday: 3-5 miles with 3 min pick-ups...Ran 3.5 on the mill with pick-ups
Tuesday:  x-train...morning kettlebells with 4.3 miles on the bike to warm up
Wednesday:  1 mile warm-up 2X2 mile 1 mile CD...woke up fighting something...put myself to bed early with no run
Thursday:  x-train...morning make-up of yesterday's run and night KBs!
We put up our burpee totals on the board in my gym...well it has really caught on and now there are people adding their names!  Amazing what a visual can do to inspire those around you!  We are up to 350 now!
Friday:  3 miles...6 miles before work.  We had an inservice day which meant a later start for me.  I drove to school and ran around the town...loved it!!!
Saturday:  12 miles...Friday night we had a scare with my mom's health and I spent the night in the hospital with her.  Needless to say I woke up Saturday grateful beyond belief that she was ok but pretty much like a wet noodle (I'll post more on this later)
Sunday:  rest...12 miles in the foggy but oh so mild morning!  
It was so incredibly awesome to get out there and go long!!  Half way through I started seeing mile markers on water bottles.  It was then that I wanted to kick myself since I had completely forgotten about a local 10 miler!!  Next year!


  1. Just saw the name of your blog and clicked on it because my daughter and I LOVE the Fancy Nancy series books- haha! Great job on the running!!

  2. Nice week! 10 miles is a great race distance. Ah, next year!

  3. Great job on your training! That fog picture is awesome.

  4. Sounds like a great training week. I'm glad your mom is doing better, too.

  5. Great job! That chalkboard idea in the gym is awesome :)

  6. I love your gym chalkboard! It's so motivating to write down your goals! Great job on the 12 mile long run; you are really getting up there in mileage again!