Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let's Talk Training Week 6

I'm writing this now with an ice pack on my back because I didn't listen...I pushed when I should have babied...I went with how I felt instead of being smart and because of that it took me 20 minutes practically to get out of bed this morning.  Last night I decided that I was feeling pretty good.  My back was a little sore from carrying the babe around a birthday party yesterday, but overall pretty good.  I went to a spin class...sprinted...climbed...had a blast until the last song when my back seized.  This morning is rough...demoralizing...humbling.  I didn't listen and now I'm paying the price...dearly!  Here's a recap on last week....believe me this week is all about the resting!
Monday: 3-5 miles- 4 easy basement miles
Tuesday: Xtrain-Went to the gym thinking I could swing light kettlebells....NOPE slight back pull so I stopped immediately and sat on ice the whole way to work.  I then proceeded to ice for the whole day!
Wednesday: 6 miles tempo-I tried to play it safe and rest.  I even left work early trying to avoid a lot of getting up and walking around.
Thursday: 7 miles-Went to the gym and just did the elliptical for an hour.  My back felt really good once it loosened up.
Friday: fun workout-Rested and enjoyed my Valentine! 
Saturday: 14 miles-I figured I would play it safe and do an easy 10 miles thinking I would rather make it to the start line in 4 weeks!  This run was AWESOME!  I looked down after my first mile and saw 8:39 looking back at me and I thought...."Woah I need to slow down!"  After a few miles of the same sub 9 minute pace my message to myself shifted to "Let's do that again" for each mile that followed.  I had only one mile over 9 min mile pace and that was because I got lost...in my own neighborhood!  This was the run I needed!!! 
Sunday: Rest

My plan is this week to take the rest of the week off...it makes me want to cry just writing that...but I know I need to stop if it is going to really heal.  I feel pressure because of the race coming up...the Dietbet wrapping up (I'm only 2lbs from my goal)...just not wanting to be sidelined.  If I don't rest though...it is not going to be pretty come race day!


  1. ugh, so sorry you are hurting again! Hope you feel better soon, take care of yourself!

  2. Better to rest up and feel better come race day, rather than running and maybe causing further injury. Good on you for not taking the risk! Hope you feel better soon. Take care!

    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

  3. Listen to your body and take care of yourself. Hope you won't be sidelined for too long. Feel better!!

  4. Oh no, hope you feel better very soon!!

  5. Great job on your 14 mile run!!! That is a really good pace. Also, it must be pretty snowy there right now, so that makes it even more impressive in my book! Rest up; you are ready for the half!